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G1 Brawn - 09/29/2022 Cybertron Scourge (Legends) - 09/28/2022 Cybertron Leobreaker (Legends) - 09/28/2022 Cybertron Evac (Legends) - 09/28/2022
Cybertron Starscream (Supreme) - 09/27/2022 Masterpiece Megatron (Beast Wars) - 09/26/2022 Legacy Arcee - 09/25/2022 Galaxy Force Demolishor - 09/25/2022
Cybertron Jetfire (Legends) - 09/24/2022 Titanium The Fallen - 09/23/2022 Cybertron Recon Mini-Con Team - 09/19/2022 Galaxy Force Master Megatron - 09/17/2022


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09/18/2022 - Teutonicons Podcast - Episode 107 now online

Teutonicons Podcast Episode 107: Bringing the Time in Line
For my German-speaking fans: in today's episode we take a look at the Transformers Timeline franchise. Enjoy!

Find Episode 107 here!

09/05/2022 - Teutonicons Podcast - Episode 106 now online

Teutonicons Podcast Episode 106: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Jhiaxus
For my German-speaking fans: today's episode is another character special as we look at the various incarnations of Jhiaxus. Enjoy!

Find Episode 106 here!

08/22/2022 - Teutonicons Podcast - Episode 105 now online

Teutonicons Podcast Episode 105: After the C.O.N.S. means before the C.O.N.S.
For my German-speaking fans: in today's episode we look back at this year's C.O.N.S. convention and gather ideas for next year. Enjoy!

Find Episode 105 here!

08/11/2022 - Teutonicons Podcast - Episode 104 now online

Teutonicons Podcast Episode 104: C.O.N.S. or How to Dispense 100 Hot Rods
For my German-speaking fans: for the third time in a row (not counting the three year Corona gap) we are live at C.O.N.S. Enjoy!

Find Episode 104 here!

08/10/2022 - Teutonicons Podcast - Episode 103 now online

Teutonicons Podcast Episode 103: On the Road to C.O.N.S.
For my German-speaking fans: in a very special episode Phil and Magmatron use the long drive to C.O.N.S. to record an episode about Beast Wars comics. Enjoy!

Find Episode 103 here!

08/09/2022 - C.O.N.S. XII - The Report

CONS 2022 - We Still Function!
In certain ways we are now living in an entirely different world than we did three years ago, when the last C.O.N.S. took place. I don’t think I have to list everything that has happened since, you all know how it went. And so three years have gone by since the last time a group of madmen (and -women) got together to organize a Transformers Fan Convention here in Germany. But now we are in the year 2022, the pandemic is still not over, but with hot summer temperatures, a well-ventilated location, and a number of inoculations in our arms, we dared to make a new attempt. And just like that there is a new C.O.N.S. taking place. Like the old saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Full report here

08/01/2022 - Teutonicons Podcast - Episode 102 now online

Teutonicons Podcast Episode 102: What is the best Transformers series and why is there no correct answer?
For my German-speaking fans: in our newest episodes we are deliberating what it is that makes a Transformers series good, great, or really, really bad. Enjoy!

Find Episode 102 here!

07/11/2022 - Teutonicons Podcast - Episode 101 now online

Teutonicons Podcast Episode 101: Madness, thy name is Galvatron
For my German-speaking fans: in our newest episodes we are doing another characters special, this time featuring everyone's favorite mad Decepticon leader Galvatron. Enjoy!

Find Episode 101 here!

06/27/2022 - Teutonicons Podcast - Episode 100 now online

Teutonicons Podcast Episode 100: Four years of Transformers Talks
For my German-speaking fans: we did a live stream (including video) for the 100th episode of the Teutonicons and you can watch (or listen to) the recording here. Enjoy!

Find Episode 100 here!

06/13/2022 - Teutonicons Podcast - Episode 99 now online

Teutonicons Podcast Episode 99: The One before the Hundredth
For my German-speaking fans: in our 99th episode we prepare for our 100th episode and talk about the future of the Transformers franchise. Enjoy!

Find Episode 99 here!

05/30/2022 - Teutonicons Podcast - Episode 98 now online

Teutonicons Podcast Episode 98: Cybertron needs women!
For my German-speaking fans: in our 98th episode we talk about the Fembots and all things female in Transformers. Enjoy!

Find Episode 98 here!

05/16/2022 - Teutonicons Podcast - Episode 97 now online

Teutonicons Podcast Episode 97: Pretendaaaa!
For my German-speaking fans: in our 97th episode we discuss the most controversial of G1 gimmicks, the Pretenders. Enjoy!

Find Episode 97 here!
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