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Series: Robots in Disguise
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Spychanger Tiny Tins
Year: 2001

Robot Mode: The RID Spychangers were the precursors to today’s Legends/Legion class toys, meaning relatively small figures, simplified transformations, and rather basic articulation and detailing. Prowl 2 is no exception. As a car Transformer he adheres to what I think is the second-most-basic design imaginable, as he is the car standing on end with the hood flipped down to form the chest (the most basic being simply standing the car on end for the robot mode, see G1 Sizzle, for example).

The robot can swivel its arms at the shoulders, that’s it in terms of articulation. It comes with a black rifle as a weapon to hold in either hand. Detailing is okay for a robot this size, so no complaints. Overall it’s a nice little robot, nothing special, but nothing bad, either.

Alternate Modes: As you would expect from a figure called Prowl, Prowl 2 transforms into a police car. A blue and white police car with red police lights and more painted detail than quite a few much bigger, much newer Transformers figures. Just saying. Anyway, the car looks good and unless you look underneath, it’s not really distinguishable from your average Hot Wheels car. Prowl’s rifle can be stored underneath as well. So overall, a fully satisfactory car mode, no complaints.

Remarks: For the longest time nobody really knew what to make of the “2” behind Prowl’s name. He was apparently meant to be somebody else than the RID character Prowl, but it wasn’t until quite a few years later that his identity was truly established in fiction. He was basically an AI in an unused spare Binaltech body for G1 Prowl, then joined Fire Convoy in his trans-dimensional mission to hunt down the Predacons (the RID cartoon series) and eventually ended up becoming Beast Wars TM2 Prowl. Not bad for a little Spychanger with no media presence whatsoever.

The toy, meanwhile, was originally intended for use in the Generation 2 Gobots line, but remained unused as the line was cancelled (basically the real-life inspiration of his in-fiction origin as an unused body for Prowl). It was sold both in a two-pack with Side Swipe and individually as a Tiny Tin, meaning he came packaged in a metal sliding box. Overall he is certainly not a must-have, but he is a nice little car robot and the metal packaging is a nice extra. Mildly recommended.

Rating: B-

Tags: - Autobot - Car - Hasbro - Robots in Disguise - Tiny Tins

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Laser Gun   
Robots in Disguise Prowl 2 (2001)
Universe Prowl (2003) 

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