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Series: Energon
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Basic Terrorcon
Year: 2004

By the time you see me, it will be too late.
Cruellock is the most powerful and cunning of the Terrorcons, combining incredible strength with lightning speed. He is a great tactician whose hunting skills are unmatched. In raptor mode, he can jump to great heights and attack his enemies with powerful energon claws and teeth. In robot mode, his energon-cutting blade can slice through anything, or anybody that stands in his way. It has been said by many that Cruellock's gaze is as deadly as his bite. Beware!

Robot Mode: Cruellock in robot mode doesn't look too different from his dinosaur mode. His look is very much manga-influenced, especially when it comes to the head design. I'm not too fond of this mode, though it is improved somewhat by his huge Energon saber and decent posability. Still, not the best robot mode out there.

Beast Mode: Cruellock in beast mode looks like a cross between Grimlock (who probably inspired part of his name) and the nineties movie Godzilla. The main differences to the robot mode are the tail and the dino head which folds over his robot head. The saber becomes part of the tail. This mode doesn't look too bad, but the hip region looks pretty unstable as the parts don't really fit together in this mode. Below average.

Partners / Add-Ons: Like all basic-sized Terrorcons Cruellock comes with an Energon star that can fit onto pretty much every other Energon toy out there as a power boost. His Energon weapon can also be used by other Transformers from the Energon line.

Remarks: I bought Cruellock in package with Divebomb and would probably not have bought him alone. That's not to say that he is a bad Transformers, he just isn't a good Transformer, either. His two modes barely differ, his weapon and his posability are decent, the bottom line is a slightly below-average toy.

Rating: C-

Tags: - Animal: Reptile/Dinosaur - Decepticon - Energon - Hasbro - Terrorcon

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Published 25.02.2005
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