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Voter Comments:

- Anonymus

Easily the most balanced, FUN collector-aimed toy ever. Especially with the tapes.
- Warcry

A perfect tribute to '80s G1, with amazing value and engineering.
- Anguirus

A fantastic update.
- Exatron
Masterpiece MP-13 Soundwave (2012) – Superior!
Voting Percentage: 32%
Average Ranking: 9.06

Yup, Soundwave manages to get not one but two figures into the Top 5 of our Top 30 Countdown. The G1 original made it onto number 5 and the Masterpiece update of said G1 original actually makes it into the number 2 spot. Isn’t that something? Now I don’t personally own MP Soundwave (another thing I plan to remedy sooner or later), but given everything I’ve heard I could probably copy & paste almost everything I wrote about Masterpiece Grimlock at number 3. One of the most popular G1 toys (actually, THE most popular G1 toy according to this voting), updated to conform to the idealized memory of us 80’s kids.

MP Soundwave occupies the number 2 spot by number of votes alone, though his average ranking is also nothing to sneeze at. All things considered the numbers 2 through 4 were a very close race, which is kind of fitting seeing as Masterpiece figures occupy all three of these places and they’re all updates of G1 toys who have also managed to sneak into the top 30 (though not in the same order, mind you). Bottom line, though: the Masterpiece line manages to sneak five figures into these top 30 (and MP Lambor / Sideswipe only just missed by ending up on number 31), which speaks volumes as to the popularity of the line. And Masterpiece Soundwave is the top of the Masterpieces and second-most popular Transformers toy of them all. Now we have just one more figure to go.

Honorable Mention: of course this figure gets a black repaint as well. MP-13B Soundblaster came in at number 504 thanks to a single vote.

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Published 17.05.2014
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