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Voter Comments:

Because he’s Grimlock!
- Fredi

Looks like he jumped out of the screen, but still so playable
- Anguirus

My personal favourite. Big, chunky, full of personality and the ultimate form of the character, in my opinion.
- Terome
Masterpiece MP-08 Grimlock (2010) – Me, Grimlock, King!
Voting Percentage: 30%
Average Ranking: 8.27

We have now entered the top 3 and stomping all over the competition to walk away with the Bronze medal is none other than everyone’s favorite Dinobot Grimlock in his Masterpiece incarnation. The G1 Grimlock toy is already one of the most popular toys in the Transformers franchise (it came in at #17, after all), but the Masterpiece edition takes that toy, makes it bigger, improves articulation, adds details, as well as a few subtle yet effective gimmicks such as a light-up sword and color-changing eyes to bring us the perfect version of one of the most popular Transformers characters ever.

You know how people usually have this idealized image of the toys they loved as kids in their heads and are then somewhat disappointed when they have them back in hand decades later because they really aren’t as brilliant as they remember them? Well, Masterpiece Grimlock is basically the G1 toy we all had (or wanted to have) in this idealized memory of our childhood, fully embracing that classic G1 charm but vastly improving upon all the drawbacks. MP Grimlock is big, he’s posable, he transforms into a somewhat unrealistically proportioned T-Rex and there really isn’t anything about this guy that’s not to love. MP Grimlock gets the same number of votes as Masterpiece MP-10 Optimus Prime, but beats him for third place thanks to a higher average ranking. Take that, puny Prime!

Honorable Mention: There have been a few different versions of MP Grimlock so far, the main difference being the number of accessories included. One voter voted explicitly for MP-08X King Grimlock, but even if we were pooling votes per mold I couldn’t have counted it, seeing as he voted for the “normal” MP-08 Grimlock as well. Anyway, the mold seems to be well-liked.

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Published 16.05.2014
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