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A nearly seamless giant Raptor jet becomes a chicken thing! Wooow! I’m serious!
- MK

Nicely articulated, details en masse, only the underbelly and the missiles in jet mode spoil it a little.
- Schorsch

Best version of the flying pizza
- Fredi

A truly great jet-former, very imposing
- Anguirus

I was especially impressed how well his vehicle mode turned out. I'd love a version without the tattoos.
- Exatron
Hunt for the Decepticons Starscream (Leader, 2010) – That’s LORD Starscream!
Voting Percentage: 30%
Average Ranking: 13.2

Many people were disappointed that Movie Starscream looked nothing like G1 Starscream. Many people were disappointed that the first toy of Movie Starscream (not counting his Protoform Deluxe version) didn’t have hands. Many people found his toy for the second movie, though an improvement upon the firsts, still quite disappointing. But then… oh yes, then… the Hunt for the Decepticons line came along and we got this bad boy here. Movie Starscream as he should have been from the very start. Big, bad, and looking ready to take on the Autobot army all by himself. Of course then came the third movie where he was killed by Sam Witwicky’s Tarzan impression, but let’s best not talk about that ever again.

This Starscream has hands, he has a gatling gun, he has missiles, and Third Party companies have given him saws and and a jetpack. Okay, like most Movieverse figures he’d really benefit from a bit more color. Apart from that, though, this is pretty much the perfect toy of the only Decepticon in the movies to actually seem competent (at least in the first one, let’s not talk about DOTM). Okay, he's got the worst average rank in the entire top 10, but the number of votes has allowed him to rise to this lofty place. And from here he can cackle evilly, both at Megatron and Optimus Prime, for he is LORD Starscream, the highest-ranked toy from all of the Transformers movie toylines.

Honorable Mention: Revenge of the Fallen Voyager-Class Starscream, who came in at number 388. Yeah, not that impressive, either, but better than the first Movie Voyager version, who didn’t get any votes at all.

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Published 11.05.2014
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