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Voter Comments:

Still think he’s better than the MP-10
- Fredi

I tried to leave the character appeal aside as best I could, but even apart from being my favorite character, I can honestly call this figure my number 1 guy.
- Tim Werner

My first Masterpiece figure.
- Black Zarak
Masterpiece MP-01 Convoy / Optimus Prime (2004) – Masterpiece Number One!
Voting Percentage: 22%
Average Ranking: 7.18

The Transformers turned 20 in 2004 and Takara and Hasbro wanted to celebrate the occasion with a very special figure of the most famous Transformers character of them all: Optimus Prime, called Convoy in Japan. And thus was born the first Masterpiece figure, MP-01, which has since been released in countless versions (black, dead, shiny, etc.), multiple packagings, with and without trailer, and with both the Hasbro and Takara company logo. It has been copied by Third Party companies at various scales and for almost a decade many people considered it THE definite G1 Optimus Prime toy.

Until very recently MP-01 Convoy was the most accurate toy incarnation of the original G1 Autobot leader ever, strongly resembling the animated character in both modes and including many of his on-screen gimmicks such as his Energon axe, the flip-up communicators in his forearms, and the Matrix of Leadership inside his chest. He was also one of the biggest Transformers figures ever, definitely the biggest (non-combined) Optimus Prime, and simply an all-around great collector’s figure. Not so much a kid’s toy, naturally, given his rather complicated transformation, price tag, and size, but something made for the now-adult fans of the original series.

Masterpiece Convoy didn’t get as many votes as others in the Top 10, but only one other toy in these lofty regions here has a better average ranking. Pretty much everyone who voted for him placed him pretty close to the top, including multiple number one rankings. He is and remains the very first Masterpiece figure ever, thus deserving a place in these top 30.

Honorable Mention: MP-04 Convoy Perfect Edition, same Optimus figure, but including the trailer. Also honorably mentioned: the Hasbro 20th Anniversary Edition Optimus Prime, which is also the same Optimus figure, just with castrated shoulder stacks. Not that anyone actually explicitly voted for that one, mind you, but it’s the one I have and the one pictured above.

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Published 10.05.2014
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