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Series: G1 Japan Masterforce
Allegiance: Cybertron
Categories: Headmaster City
Year: 1988

Can function and has the ability of both headmaster and pretender. Has the ability to make correspondence in his different transformer modes regardless of the situation. From within his chest energy is gathered within two ducts enabling him to fire his takion beam at the same time as proton master rifle which dissintegrates his enemy.

Remarks: The three biggest Transformers of all time, which I like to refer to as the Trinita Maximus, are Fortress Maximus (the original use of the mold from 1987), Brave Maximus (the RID figure from 2000), and finally the rarest of the three, Grand Maximus from the 1988 Japanese-Exclusive Super-God Masterforce Series.

I got this wonderful gift from my beloved wife Dani for Christmas (with some logistical aid rendered by my good friend and guest reviewer Caked-Up) and I will, of course, do a full review of this beauty eventually, but not right now. For there are quite a number of parts missing from Grand Maximus so far, so now I'm on a scavenger hunt for the following:

Missing Parts:
  • Grand's Pretender Shell
  • Cog (combined form of vehicles Onomus & Koka)
  • Cog's gun
  • Grand's gun
  • Grand's small sword
  • Maximus' big red gun
  • Maximus' red dual gun
  • a blue radar dish
  • The Master Sword
  • two blue forearm panels
  • two big blue hip cannons
  • two dual shin guns
  • green control center canopy
  • green tower compartment door
  • blue main ramp door
  • Maximus' two arm ramps

Once I've collected all (or at least most) of these missing parts, you will get a full picture gallery and review for Grand Maximus, so wish me luck in my hunt.

Tags: City - Cybertron - G1 Japan - Headmaster - Masterforce - Takara

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G1 Japan Headmasters Fortress Maximus (1987)
Generation 1 Fortress Maximus (1987)
Car Robots Brave Maximus (2000)
Robot Masters Cybertron Base (2004)

Published 25.12.2010
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