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Series: G1 Reissues Commemorative Series
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Autobot Car
Year: 2003

Caution can never be overused.
Nothing escapes his notice, no matter how small. When his sensors are activated, thinks trouble is coming. Edgy... unpopular with comrades, but appreciated. Can trigger alarms in other Autobots. Excellent sensory perception. Fast in vehicular mode. Carries 25 mile range rocket launcher and particle beam rifle. Prone to rash judgements which can lead to injury to himself and comrades.

Prelude: Red Alert is a repaint of Sideswipe, whom I've previously reviewed. That was over five years ago, though, so Red Alert gets a full review of his own. Here we go.

Robot Mode: As a Generation 1 robot from the early waves, Red Alert is, of course, not exactly a model of posability. He can move his arms at the shoulders and elbows and fold his toes up, that's the range. Not bad for a figure from that time, but not particularly good, either. But you're not buying a G1 figure for the posability, you buy it for the classic, gorgeous look and Red Alert has that in spades. While I personally prefer Sideswipe's paint job over his, Red Alert looks good in white, red and black. No complaints, except that it's once again that stupid shade of red that doesn't photograph well.

In terms of weapons Red Alert carries a missile launcher, that can clip on either shoulder, as well as a big red rifle. Sadly there is no place for those weapons to go once Red Alert transforms into vehicle mode, but that wasn't unusual in G1. So the bottom line is: A truly nice-looking, solid G1 figure. No complaints, but probably not the right figure for fans of the more modern, more posable figures.

Alternate Mode: Red Alert transforms into a white Lamborghini Countach with red fire department markings and the label "Fire Chief" on the hood and the sides. Now I must really ask this question: What kind of fire department has enough budget to have a Lamborghini as a fire chief's car, because I always wanted to be a fireman. But anyway, the old Diaclone-style G1 figures placed a lot of emphasis on realistic vehicle modes and this one here certainly does look very nice. There is no visible clue as to the robot hidden inside (unless you look at it from underneath) and the die cast metal parts give it a nice, heavy feel. So no complaints at all about the vehicle mode. And let me know if you figure out where that fire department is, okay?

Remarks: Despite the fact that he was called the Autobots' security chief, Red Alert didn't score all that many appearances in the G1 cartoon series or any of the G1 comic series. He had a spotlight episode in the second season of the cartoon, displaying his paranoid nature, but that was pretty much it. His name has been recycled multiple times, but we haven't really seen much of the G1 character displayed here. Still, what we have here is a very nice, very solid figure and for the G1 fanatic it's a very nice catch. Certainly not a must-have, but if you can get him for a decent prize, you should take him.

Rating: B


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Generation 1 Red Alert (1985) 

Published 17.03.2010
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