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Series: Fans Project
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Upgrade Set
Year: 2009

Review by Xion:

Hello and welcome to the review of the Fans Projects City Commander repaint Shadow Commander. First, a link over to the comic book, in which you can learn about the history of the Shadow Commander. Also included are the instructions on how to apply the Shadow Commander upgrade to SDCC Nemesis Prime. You can find the comic here: Click me!

I hope you'll have as much fun reading this review as I had writing it. And maybe it will help sway you towards buying a Shadow Commander of your own. If you want, though, you should hurry. The Shadow Commander toy is very much limited, even more so than City Commander was.

So without any further ado, let's get right on it:

70307_ShadowCommander_Package_Closed.jpgHere you can see the package of Shadow Commander. Everyone familiar with the package of Fans Projects City Commander will easily recognise that there haven't really been many changes here. The colours were swapped, violet-gray and a green-blue X instead of the light blue and white of the original.

70306_ShadowCommander_Package_Open.jpgOn this picture you can see the instructions and the sticker sheet. Also included is a small plastic bag with the City Commander head, because further down you can see that Shadow Commander isn't just a repaint of City Commander. He has a bit more to offer. And finally there is the most important part, the Shadow Commander armour upgrade for SDCC Nemesis Prime.

70302_ShadowCommander_ArmourPieces.jpg70303_ShadowCommander_MoreArmourPieces.jpgNow it's getting interesting. Here you can see SDCC Nemesis Prime, who looks ready and willing to put on his new set of armour. In this picture you can't really see the shoulder blades all that well (check the one on the right for that), but you can spot the feet, the torso, the arms, the rocket launcher (which turns into the big honkin' supergun) and the familiar Sword of Darkness, known to fans worldwide from the days of Transformers RID / Car Robots. Check out the picture on the right for another angle.

70301_ShadowCommander_Robot.jpgAnd now the picture everyone's been waiting for: The one showing the Shadow Commander in all his glory. In his right hand he has the Sword of Darkness and his left sports the extreme Cannon in the form of a rocket launcher.

And finally, here's a few pictures of the vehicle mode, especially for Philister.


Conclusion: The workmanship here is great. One could easily think that either Hasbro or Takara were behind this thing. The Shadow Commander had an even smaller production run than the City Commander, exactly half. Which makes him a real treat for collectors. He comes with a completely different backstory than the City Commander, as well as a different face mold with a mouth guard, but you can also give him City Commander's face, which is included.

And of course every fan of Transformers RID/Car Robots Scourge/Black Convoy can be delighted that he has the transparent Sword of Darkness with him. Which makes for a rather simple bottom line here: Shadow Commander gets a perfect score in my opinion, a must-have for every collector.

Tags: - Decepticon - Fans Project - Third Party - Truck

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Published 12.03.2009
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