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Construction Patrol

Crumble, Groundpounder, Neutro, Takedown

Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Micromaster
Year: 1990

Robot Mode: The Micromasters as a rule weren't worth much in robot mode. Almost no articulation, very little play value.

Alternate Mode: The construction vehicles the Micromasters transform into look decent, but nothing more than that.

Remarks: I'm not nor was I ever a big fan of the Micromasters. Small robots, barely posable, made only because Hasbro wanted to latch onto the success of the Micro Machines which were hip at the time.

I never would have bought these for themselves, but they came as a bonus with Powermaster Optimus Prime. So here they are: Neutro, Groundpounder, Crumble, Takedown. The Autobot Construction Patrol. Be careful not to step on them

Rating: D-

Tags: - Autobot - Construction Vehicle - Generation 1 - Hasbro - Micromaster

Included Figures: User Rating: Accessories: Other Versions of the Mold:
Not rated yet
G1 Japan Zone Crumble (1990) 
Not rated yet
G1 Japan Zone Groundpounder (1990) 
Not rated yet
G1 Japan Zone Neutro (1990) 
Not rated yet
G1 Japan Zone Takedown (1990) 

Published 28.02.2005
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