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Series: Botcon Exclusives
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe Convention Exclusive
Year: 2012

Alternate Mode: Motorcycle

Tags: Shattered Glass

Oh, we have such sights to show you...
A hastily assembled mass of scrap metal and spare parts, Wreck-Gar was an experiment, one in which his creators provided him the ability to clone himself at will, using the bodies of fallen robots as raw material. What they did not count on was his ability to take this power and use it on living machines. Taking a sadistic pleasure in giving the "gift" of his own image to other robots, he gained a following of Cybertronians who had lost hope and were seeking an escape from the misery of the Autobot / Decepticon conflict. In time, after both Autobots and Decepticons fell victim to Wreck-Gar's hive, the factions had no choice but to work together to destroy his Junkions and imprison him on Paradron. When Ultra Magnus began his campaign, he freed Wreck-Gar from his cell and offered him a place in his personal army, which he accepted. Aside from his own Energon Axe weapon and cerebral inhibitor blaster, Wreck-Gar has full control over any Junkion warrior he creates. His overconfidence is his greatest weakness.

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