C.O.N.S. IX - The Report


C.O.N.S. IX - The Report
11.10.2017 - 22:30 by Philip S.

CONS 2017 - To the Nines!
On October 8 the ninth annual CONS took place, for the ninth year in a row we had a German Transformers Fan Convention and Ö ehÖ ninth times the charm? No, letís try that again. We Ö eh Ö nine time World Heavyweight Champions? Wooo!? No, doesnít really fit, either. Damn, there are no good wordplays with nine. And not even our attendance number was willing to lend a hand here. We had 648 visitors. Okay, itís a new record, again, but is there a nine in there? No, there isnít!

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