New Feature on TFU: Accessories listings and ID Guide


New Feature on TFU: Accessories listings and ID Guide
19.03.2015 - 15:29 by Philip S.

I've been meaning to extend the database on TFU for quite some time now to encompass not just figures, but accessories, too. And now the Beta-Version is online. On a figure's Info-Page you can see which accessories are included, while the ID Guide now has an additional search feature to identify parts.

Now the big BUT: the software part is done and works (unless someone finds some bugs), but now the hard part commences: actually filling up this new database. So far I've included about 80 accessory pieces for figures like Generation Arcee and Chromia, G1 Jetfire and Roadbuster, plus some others. Naturally that's only a very, very small part of the whole. Which is why I'm asking for assistance. Pictures of figures are easy to find, but pics of individual accessory parts? Not so much.

If you'd like to help me by taking pics of accessories, please follow a few simple guidelines:
- Use a white background, such as a white piece of paper
- Photograph the pics individually, unless you have multiple identical items (such as a figure having six identical missiles with it, for example)
- if an accessory consists of multiple parts in itself (such as G1 Jetfire's rocket backpack), please take two pics: one assembled, one in pieces.

Thanks to everyone who is willing to help, I hope to fill up the database quickly.