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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2007

Bonecrusher hates everything, and what Bonecrusher hates, he destroys. He hates this planet and all its inhabitants. He hates the Autobots for getting in his way. He even hates Megatron and the other Decepticons; the only reason he stays with them is because Megatron scares him. Bonecrusher lives for the day when he's the only one left standing atop a pile of smoking rubble and shattered robots.

Prelude: Bonecrusher suffers from a peculiar dillemma: He's the Transformer that everyone saw in the Movie trailers and got excited about, but then he appeared for less than three minutes - a grave mistake in my opinion. His extremely evil look makes him one of my favourites in the Movie (in case you didn't notice, I'm a big Decepticon fan). That's why Bonecrusher is awared my first Non-AllSpark-Power-Toy review.

Alternate Mode: One thing you should know right at the start: Bonecrusher is much too small as a Deluxe figure. Voyager class would have been perfect for him, but you can't have everything.

Bonecrusher's alt mode resembles a Force Protection Inc. Buffalo MRAP mine sweeper - called "the Fork" by members of the US armed forces. The unusual shape of the truck makes this huge vehicle (more than 18 feet long and over 9 feet high) look rather squished. The "fork" of the MRAP really measures just twenty centimeters (barely 8 inches), so it's rather tiny. Michael Bay's production designers improvised and built a bigger fork, so this larger design also became part of the Bonecrusher toy. The fork can be moved almost freely, just like in the movie, so you can easily restage the highway battle scene.

Robot Mode: The first time I transformed Bonecrusher I found the transformation rather difficult, as I didn't know how to twist and position the arms and legs. I also tended to forget to fold in the rear wheels to give Bonecrusher solid footing.

As I mentioned earlier, Bonecrusher looks big and bad. His fork transforms into a sort-of capture claw, the better to tear other Transformers apart with. You can also reshape it into a sort of shoulder-mounted gatling gun, which I think looks amazing. You can even make it into a hand weapon for Bonecrusher to hold in his insect-like claws, but this makes him prone to toppling over.

The rear wheels on his legs can be folded out to make for a kind-of "skater mode", in which Bonecrusher can move pretty quickly.


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  • Bonecrusher hates this site! And he hates that he is the first figure on this site to be reviewed by three different people! He hates reviews and he hates reviewers!
  • Bonecrusher hates that Limewire's review (German language only, Bonecrusher hates Germans!) of him can also be found on Limewire's homepage, which he hates.
  • Bonecrusher also hates that he stars in one of my Transformers Wallpapers.

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    Hunt for the Decepticons Bonecrusher (2010)
    Movie The Best Bonecrusher (2018) 

    Published 27.07.2007
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