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with Scamper, Sixgun, Slammer

Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: City
Year: 1986

Vigilance is the foundation on which victories are built.
Startlingly versatile, staggeringly strong, the Autobot's last line of defense. A mighty instrument of titanic destructive force. Extremely modest about his achievements, berates himself for not doing more. In robot mode, he can lift 70,000 tons, has shoulder-mounted twin high-energy maser cannons and omni-directional receiving and transmitting antenna. In city mode, has helipad and fully equipped repair bays that can handle four vehicles at once. Left rear tower transforms into tank, Slammer, who has rocket-propelled mortar cannon. Scamper is sports car with side mounted electro-blasters; transforms into robot, uses high-energy particle beam pistol. Six-Gun is small robot, has ion-pulse rifles for arms, twin surface-to-air guided missile launchers on back, acetylene pistol. In battle station mode, uses all these weapons and twin disrupter rays, laser lances, powerful anti-matter projectors.

Robot Mode: Metroplex is a big, boxy robot. He isn't as tall as portrayed in the cartoon series, but still one of the bigger G1 toys. His posability is quite decent for a G1 figure, he can move his arms at the shoulders, his legs are fully posable at the hip, and you can twist his wrists. Not bad. Detailing is also decent, even though for a robot supposedly the size of a city it could be better. Weapon-wise Metroplex can't complain. He has shoulder-guns, a rocket launcher in the left breast, a double-barreled gun on the left shoulder, and two big rifles for his hands. More than enough to blast entire batallions of Decepticons into slag. Metroplex makes for one very decent robot.

Alternate Modes: The cartoon series mainly featured Metroplex in city mode and it is by far the better of his alternate modes. A big base with two large struts reaching out and a central ramp, Metroplex makes for a good playset for smaller Transformers like the Scramble City combiners or the Micromasters. A lot of detailing can be seen in the struts (really the robot legs) and additional towers and buildings attach to the central torso. There are numerous different ways the city mode can be outfitted with the various guns and add-ons and you can position the struts pretty much whichever way you like. While not as good a city mode as Fortress Maximus or Trypticon, Metroplex still looks pretty good here.

The battle station mode takes a distant third in Metroplex' modes. Basically Metroplex sitting on his ass with the legs extended forward, the mode offers nothing the city mode doesn't do better. The battle station mode was only briefly glimpsed during 'Five Faces of Darkness' and early episodes of the Japanese 'Headmaster' cartoon. You can safely forget this mode.

Partners / Add-Ons: Metroplex is suplemented by three support robots. The first is Sixgun, who is assembled from various weapons and components from Metroplex' city mode. A tall robot and not all that bad-looking, but offering little in the way of play value. The second is Scamper, a black car robot. Sadly I'm missing one of his arms and his hand weapon, but he still looks pretty decent and I'd name him the best of Metroplex' team. Finally we have Slammer, a tank without a robot mode, who becomes one of the towers of the city mode.

Remarks: Metroplex completes my collection of Generation 1 cities. I actually got him as a gift from a TFU fan across the pond. Apparently he liked my site so much that he remembered having an old Metroplex toy up on his attic somewhere. He found it and sent it to me free of charge. Thanks again, pal, this review is definitely dedicated to you.

Metroplex is the heart of Autobot City on Earth and first appeared in robot form in 'Five Faces of Darkness' to battle his arch foe Trypticon. The two super robots clashed multiple times during the third season of the cartoon, but Metroplex usually came out on top. As a toy Metroplex is pretty good in robot mode, still good in city mode, and below average in battle station mode. So all in all he's good. Not the best of the city robots, but still pretty good.

Rating: B


Tags: - Autobot - City - City/Base/Planet - Generation 1 - Hasbro - Science Fiction Vehicle

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Published 16.07.2007
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