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with Boomer, Ricochet

Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Double Targetmaster
Year: 1988

The faster it is, the better I like it.
Impatient, short-tempered inventor. Always in a hurry. Constantly designing new formulas and developing new ways to defeat the Decepticons. Somewhat absent-minded. Too busy starting new projects to see his old experiments through to the end. Teamed with the mercurial Nebulan, Ricochet, who transforms into a submachine gun, and the bombastic Boomer, who turns into a sonic pulse cannon. In vehicle mode, reaches maximum speed of 150 mph.

Robot Mode: Quickmix is a pretty good example of the type of Transformer G1 produced in the late 80s. Good looks, not very much posability, and part of a Master-line. Quickmix is a Targetmaster, meaning his two weapons can transform into little Nebulon figures. As a robot Quickmix looks pretty good, as I said, but play value is limited. In comparison with other G1 figures from that time, I'd call him a good average.

Vehicle Mode: Quickmix transforms into a cement mixer. The vehicle looks like what it's supposed to. Some more detailing would have been nice, but that's pretty much my only complaint. The mixing drum can be moved up and down a bit. Quickmix' two Targetmaster companions can attach to the sides of the mixing drum to supply fire power in vehicle mode. All in all a decent vehicle mode.

Partners / Add-Ons: As a Targetmaster, Quickmix' weapons turn into Nebulon figures. The Nebulons don't look bad, but they are bricks. No posability whatsoever. The two weapons can also combine into a bigger, more powerful one. Interestingly enough Boomer, the blue Targetmaster, bears some resemblance to the Minicon Stripmine, the companion of Cybertron Quickmix. Not sure if that was intentional.

Remarks: Not much I can say about Quickmix. Never appeared in the cartoon, only a brief cameo in the Marvel comics, hasn't been seen since. The name was recycled for the Cybertron series, but that's pretty much it. Quickmix is a decent figure and it helps that the Targetmasters weren't that dependent on the Master-gimmick as the Headmasters for example. Still, as a figure there is little outstanding about Quickmix, neither positive nor negative. So let's put him on the good side of average.

Rating: C+


Tags: - Autobot - Construction Vehicle - Double Targetmaster - Generation 1 - Hasbro

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Published 12.06.2007
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