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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Real Gear
Year: 2007

Your new robotic companion Speed Dial 800 is a hyperactive fast-talker, the sort of guy who just can't help but be friendly to everyone. Superior hypersonics allow him to piggyback a signal on local wireless connections in order to transmit sensitive info to his allies. Be sure you've got a lot of time if you go online at night though; he's sure to text you with a lot to say.

Robot Mode: Really, what were they thinking with this robot mode? Using the mobile's camera lense as an eye, okay, but why paste a humanoid face underneath it? The skinny robot arms are pretty forgettable and the legs just seem stupid. The whole figure has a half-hearted feel to it. I think they could easily have given him better arms and legs. That, and having half the mobile phone just hanging off his back really ruins this figure for me.

Alternate Mode: Speeddial might be a bad robot, but his mobile phone mode isn't bad. The outer screen features an Autobot symbol and the 7-4-7 logo (which is just salt in the wound of all German Transformers fans), the inside screen features a few more details. The whole thing looks like a Nokia phone to me and could, at first glance, be mistaken for a real one. So bottom line, a nice-looking alt mode.

Remarks: My least favorite of the Real Gear figures I've seen so far. The skinny arms, the stupid head, everything about this figure seems half-hearted to me. All that, and the fact that the 7-4-7 features so prominently on the mobile phone really annoys me. It's just mocking us here in Germany, who won't get to see the movie until August for no reason Universal is prepared to admit. So bottom line, Speeddial can safely be left on the shelves.

Rating: D+

Tags: - Autobot - Everyday Object/Tool - Hasbro & Takara - Movie - Real Gear

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Published 29.05.2007
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