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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2007

One of the most dangerous creatures in the galaxy, Starscream commands the Decepticon search for the Allspark while Megatron is missing. Streaking towards Earth, he reshapes his body, morphing his metal skin into a protective shell that glows and sparks as he makes his fiery descent. On Earth, he will scan a disguise and modify his Protoform into an Earth fighter jet from that will allow him to achieve his goal: the total destruction of the Autobots.

Robot Mode: Starscream is a sleek bronze-and-silver robot with a pretty cool look. There are some points of resemblance to his earlier incarnations. The turbines on the chest, the leg design, and some other things. The one thing that doesn't look like Starscream at all is the head, though. In fact, from the head and certain body elements this figure could almost be a pre-Beast-Wars version of Waspinator, which is kind of a cool idea. Anyway, the robot mode is looking pretty spiffy and I don't have anything to complain about except the head's lack of resemblance to earlier Starscreams.

Vehicle Mode: The idea behind the Protoform figures is that these are the forms the Transformers take for flying through space. So it's basically a comet-shaped flying craft with little to no aerodynamic surfaces, built mostly for bearing the heat of re-entry without difficulty. Starscream's space faring mode looks the part, though as vehicles go it isn't terribly exciting. The flame-trail can be detached and used as a blast for Starscream's weapon. Bottom line, a nice vehicle mode, but nothing spectacular.

Remarks: I really didn't like the idea of the Movie Transformers transforming into their own space ships at first. Now, though, I'm kinda okay with it. In my opinion Starscream is the better of the two Protoform preview figures. He looks sleek, deadly, and the space-faring mode is more than an ugly blob. With the Movie still weeks away, there is no telling how much screen time, if any, this version of Starscream will have, but he's a cool figure. So if you want to buy just one of the Protoform figures, take Starscream.

Rating: B

Tags: - Decepticon - Gold Plastic Syndrom - Hasbro & Takara - Movie - Science Fiction Vehicle

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Published 27.05.2007
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