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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2007

Just as Decepticon Brawl is the hot-blooded, indiscriminate destroyer among the Decepticons, Wreckage is the stone-cold fighter. Though he is as capable as any Decepticon of wholesale destruction, he carries twin blades for a reason. That is, he likes to be up close to his target. He lives to hear the shriek of metal on metal as his swords tear through Autobot armor, and the sparking sizzle of shorting electronics as wires and conduits are severed.

Robot Mode: So far Wreckage is tied with Barricade for my favorite robot mode among the Movie line so far. His posability is excellent, his looks are great, the detailling may seem a bit plain because of the white colour, but it really isn't. The fact that he carries blades is a bonus, too, I love that among Transformers. Also, Wreckage seems a lot sturdier by design than most other Movie toys. So bottom line, a really excellent robot mode.

Vehicle Mode: There is nothing really bad about Wreckage's vehicle mode, but there is nothing particularly good I can say, either. Wreckage transforms into a white-and-grey armored troop carrier with a tiny little gun on top. The vehicle mode looks okay, but doesn't offer much in the way of play value. You can mount his two blades on the side, but as they are on the wheels, you can't really position them with any degree of accuracy. So to sum it up, a very plain, unspectacular vehicle mode, but no flaws, either.

Remarks: Wreckage is a solid, good-looking Decepticon warrior. If they had put a bit more love and interest into his vehicle mode, he would have been perfect. As it is he's a very good robot with a boring vehicle mode, but his overall design is excellent, so I can still recommend him. Wreckage also put me in the unique position, seeing as I accidentally got away with two of him and one was in the original American package, while the other one was in the European package. The American one features a drawing of the movie face, the European one a picture of the figure. The European package also lacks the tech spec on the back and the bio has been shortened to a single sentence to accomodate 12 different languages. So despite being German and proud of it, I much prefer the American package.

Rating: B-


Tags: - Decepticon - Hasbro & Takara - Military Vehicle - Movie

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Published 19.05.2007
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