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Series: Classics
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Voyager Store Exclusive
Year: 2007

As commander of Autobot City on Earth, Ultra Magnus commands the most powerful forces ever assembled, of which he is among the greatest. He was given the honor of City Commander by Optimus Prime because of his superior intelligence and incredible might as a warrior. Since taking command he has defended the city against dozens of attacks by Decepticons led by the crafty Skywarp.

Remarks: Ultra Magnus is a repaint of Classics Optimus Prime, so see Prime's review for the full low-down on the figure. Just a few remarks on the differences. Ultra Magnus is white and light blue where Optimus is red and dark blue. The whole colour scheme could be bit more diverse, but those are Magnus' traditional colours (at least when he isn't wearing his trailer-armour), so no complaints here. Of course I would have been more eager for a Magnus plus battle armour than a simple Prime repaint, so he gets a point deduction. Still, the mold is one of the best ever. I wouldn't say that you must have both, but you should own at least one.

Rating: A-


Tags: - Autobot - Classics - Hasbro - Truck - Ultra Magnus (G1)

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Published 14.04.2007
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