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Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Pretender
Year: 1989

To know your own limits, you must first know your foe's limits.
A merciless, emotionless master of Metallikato, the deadly Cybertronic martial art. Attacks his enemies' fracture points while remaining outside their line of fire. High-powered antennas produce electric fireballs with a range of over 400 yards. Battle armor secretes ordorous, mucus slime. Smoke generators in legs produce billowing clouds of black smoke that disorient the enemy. Inner robot armed with high-voltage electric cannon.

Robot Mode: As a robot, Bludgeon is a small, green and brown guy with average posability (for a G1 figure) and decent detailling (for a Pretender robot). Like most Pretender robots he has to be either very slim or very compact to fit inside the shell and Bludgeon is the latter. The selling point of the figure is, of course, his Pretender shell, a skeleton-faced Samurai warrior. Posability is zero for the shell, but it makes up for that in the looks department. A scary, ominous looking creature. So bottom line, a decent robot-mode and cool-looking, if immobile, Pretender mode.

Vehicle Mode: Bludgeon transforms into a small green tank. Normally the tank has a turret with gun on top, but sadly I'm missing that one. Instead I put his handgun on top for the pictures. The vehicle mode isn't anything special, but it (usually) looks like what it's supposed to, so no complaints here.

Missing Parts: Like I said, Bludgeon's tank mode is missing the turret, which could detach and be used as an additional gun by the Pretender shell.

Remarks: First off, Bludgeon is the 400th figure to join my collection, so he gets bonus points for that alone. Like many figures from the latter days of Generation 1, Bludgeon never appeared in any of the various G1 cartoons, neither American nor Japanese. He did appear extensively in the comic books, though. In Generation 1 he even ended up as leader of the Decepticons for a while before dying at the beginning of Generation 2. Subsequently he appeared in Dreamwave's Armada series, GI Joe vs. Transformers from Devil's Due, and IDW's Stormbringer series. As a figure Bludgeon isn't exactly stellar, but the character is a fan favorite and gives the toy a few nudges upward. Recommended to G1 fanatics and Bludgeon fans.

Rating: B-


Tags: - Decepticon - Generation 1 - Hasbro - Military Vehicle - Pretender - Robot/Human (non-transforming)

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Published 10.04.2007
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