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Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Legends
Year: 2005

Robot Mode: This miniature version of Megatron does a good job of duplicating the Decepticon leader on a smaller scale. Of course the detailing can't be as extensive, but the figure has decent posability for such a small guy. What's missing, of course, is any kind of weapon. Maybe if they'd included his death claw at least, simply detachable from the back. Anyway, a decent robot mode.

--Review--Robot Mode: Starscream on a smaller scale looks very much like his bigger version. Detailing and posability is as decent as you can expect on this scale. The figure does include some of the bigger figures gimmicks, though, meaning you can flip out the blade and the cannon. The latter means this is actually a smaller version of Supreme Starscream, who had the cannon, instead of the normal Starscream, which had two blades. A decent little guy with a small plus for including weapons.

Alternate Mode: Little Megatron can only transform into one of big Megatron's alternate modes, the car. Seeing as the jet mode is a waste of space, though, that's fine. The car looks great, just like on the big version, so absolutely no complaints here.

Alternate Mode: Starscream's jet mode is identical to that of his big brother, so there's really not much to say here. The lack of detailing becomes a bit more obvious here, but that's all. A good vehicle mode.

Remarks: I didn't bother getting the bigger Megatron because I don't like his colour scheme. The Galvatron version is much better in my opinion. But when I saw this little guy I thought it a good chance to include the Megatron name in my Cybertron figures list after all, so I bought him. Nothing special, but a good miniature version of the Decepticon leader.

Rating: C

Remarks: Starscream is a bit above the usual Legends figures in that he actually carries over his gimmick from the bigger version. Sure, no Cyberkey, but he can flip out his weapons in both modes, giving him a big advantage over most other Legends figures, who normally don't have any weapons at all. A plus behind the average for that one.

Rating: C+

Tags: - Airplane/Spacecraft - Car - Cybertron - Decepticon - Hasbro - Megatron (UT) - Starscream (UT)

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Published 07.02.2007
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