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Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Year: 1986

Beast Modes: Sky Lynx was one of the first Transformers (not counting Soundwave's cassettes) without a robot mode. The closest he comes is his combined beast mode, in which he looks like a cross between a Brontosaurus and a Pteranadon. Not sure why, but this mode kicks serious ass. I just love it. His neck and tail are fully posable and he can walk electronically. Sky Lynx can also separate into two individual beast modes, one being the Pteranadon or other bird-like dinosaur, the other a robotic lynx with a golden head. The Pteranadon is not exactly to my liking, but the lynx looks pretty cool, especially with the teeth and red eyes (those are stickers, btw). All in all Sky Lynx is great in this mode, better combined than separate, and a dead-ringer for his TV incarnation.

Alternate Mode: Sky Lynx transforms into a space shuttle and transport platform. Interestingly enough in the cartoon the shuttle and transport pad were always shown together and flying through space as one. The shuttle taken individually looks exactly like what it's supposed to. The transport pad individually is nothing much, little more than a box. Together they look cool as well and again, very much like their TV likeness.

Remarks: What can I say about Sky Lynx? Definitely one of my favorite characters from the third season of the Transformers cartoon, one of the best toys from the G1 line, and a cherished childhood memory as well. All that, and I got this one for Christmas from my girlfriend, complete with the original instruction booklet, the box (even though it's in pieces), and new stickers from reprolabels. How can you not love a girl like that? I asked her to marry me that very same night (not because of Sky Lynx, but it did help). So to come back to Sky Lynx, if there is one G1 Transformer that managed to be a great TV character, a great toy, and look the same in both the animated and the real world, it's him. Most definitely recommended.

Rating: A


Tags: - Airplane/Spacecraft - Animal: Mammal - Animal: Reptile/Dinosaur - Autobot - Generation 1 - Hasbro - Other

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G1 Reissues Encore Sky Lynx (2008) 

Published 28.12.2005
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