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Series: Combiner Wars
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2015

The most dependable Autobot warrior would sacrifice his own spark to defend the cause of freedom. With the Combiner Wars raging, it doesn't take much to convince Ironhide to enter the battle as part of Optimus Maximus.

Remarks: Ironhide is a retool of the Stunticon Offroad, a more extensive retool of which, First Aid, I’ve already reviewed. So I will just focus on the differences here. Unlike First Aid Ironhide is more of a pick-up truck rather than a closed ambulance-type truck, and comes mostly in red with some grey and black highlights. He carries the same axe both Offroad and First Aid used, as well as the obligatory hand-foot-gun. The only thing that’s all his is the head, which is a pretty good likeness for the Ironhide we’ve known and loved for over 30 years now.

Overall I like this mold. It’s not spectacular, but it works well both as its own figure and as a combiner limb and despite being ‘just’ a repaint, I actually prefer it to the only other CHUG Ironhide figure we have, Universe Ironhide. Ironhide was pretty much a given when it was time to assemble a combiner team for Optimus Prime, and despite only combining a single time in the pages of the IDW comics, Optimus Maximus (whom I will review separately) certainly made a good impression on me. So the bottom line here is that Ironhide might just be a repaint with a new head, but he does a good job regardless. Recommended to Ironhide fans and all those who want to assemble Optimus Maximus.

Rating: B

Tags: - Autobot - Car - Combiner Limb (CW) - Combiner Wars - Hasbro - Ironhide (G1) - Prime Wars

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4.5 of 5 Stars determined by 2 User Rating
Battle Axe    Combiner Hand / Foot   
Combiner Wars First Aid (2015)
Combiner Wars Offroad (2015)
Combiner Wars Trailbreaker (2015)
Unite Warriors First Aid (2015)

Published 18.01.2016
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