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Series: Age of Extinction Generations Collector Series
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Voyager
Year: 2014

Autobot Hound might only be a single soldier, but he prides himself on being able to do the jobs of ten. Whether the objective is a tactical deployment, recon mission, or infiltration and sabotage, Hound can get the job done. Heavily armored, he is not about to back down from an all-out firefight if one comes his way. Some bots might see that versatility as showing off. To Hound, it is all in the line of duty.

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Tags: Age of Extinction - Autobot - Generations Collector Series - Hasbro - Military Vehicle

Included Figures: User Rating: Accessories: Other Versions of the Mold:
4.38 of 5 Stars determined by 8 User Rating
Shotguns    Big Pistols    Small Pistols   
Combat Knife    Minigun   
Movie Advanced Hound (2014)
Platinum Edition Age of Extinction Hound (2014) 

Published 03.08.2015
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