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Series: Robots in Disguise 2.0
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Warrior
Year: 2015

Robot Mode: Let me start this review by saying how many brownie points Strongarm already has with me just for one simple fact: she is a female robot that isnít a curvy, slender thing on high-heels. Donít get me wrong, I love Arcee as much as the next Transformers fan, but there was never really a valid reason for an alien species made up of asexually reproducing robots to have females with boobs, curves, and high heels. Strongarm has a face with a clearly female slant, but otherwise she is as bulky and robotic as the next Autobot. Not since Beast Machines Strika have we seen a female Transformer that didnít look like a very girly girl. Thank you for this, Strongarm!

Apart from that, the figure looks good and solid. The RID 2.0 series takes a minimalistic approach when it comes to detailing and engineering. One might like that or not, but given the context, Strongarm gives a perfectly good showing here. Articulation is fine, detailing is sparse but okay, and the entire figure just looks good. Strongarm comes with a black gun (very much not looking like the crossbow-like weapon she uses in the cartoon) with a blue muzzle flash sculpted onto the front. When itís not needed, she can store her weapon on her back.

Bottom line: a good robot mode, strong resemblance to the cartoon character, no real complaints other than the rather minimalistic look she shares with the rest of the toy line.

Alternate Mode: Strongarm transforms into a boxy police type SUV in white and blue with blue and red police lights on top. Detailing is sparse, but okay, and you can mount Strongarmís gun on top or store it underneath. AndÖ yeah, thatís pretty much all I can think of here. A good, solid car mode. Nothing more, nothing less.

Remarks: In many ways the Autobot team in the new RID cartoon resembles a family. Bumblebee is the reluctant father figure, doing his best to keep watch on the two squabbling siblings Sideswipe and Strongarm, while funny uncle Fixit and big brother Grimlock look on. Strongarm is a by-the-book girl, always doing stuff by the rules, and desperate to impress Bumblebee, who is one of her heroes. I like her character in the cartoon a lot so far.

As a figure Strongarm is a solid toy. Much like the rest of the RID toyline so far she wonít make a hardcore collector go wow over her detailing, intricacy or engineering, but she does her job, which is to faithfully portray this character from a kidís cartoon in a kidís toy line. Mission accomplished.

Rating: B

Tags: - Autobot - Car - Fembots - Hasbro - Robots in Disguise 2.0

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Published 26.03.2015
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