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Series: Galaxy Force
Allegiance: Cybertron
Categories: Leader
Year: 2005

I am Galaxy Convoy, Supreme Commander of the Cybertrons. By always being the first on the battlefield and fighting to the last, I give respect and dignity to the proof of my command, the Matrix. I take on the form of a fire truck to disguise myself while on Earth, but when it is time to fight, I transform into robot mode and insert my Force Chip to unleash my ultimate attacks and sweep away the enemy. My blinding blasts carve a deep path to freedom, and I will lead the Cybertron forces into battle until the day the universe is free once again.
(Profile translated by Doug Dlin, taken from

Prelude: Galaxy Convoy is the Japanese version of Cybertron Optimus Prime, whom I have previously reviewed. That was nearly a decade ago, though, so despite there being very little difference between the two figures, I think Galaxy Convoy deserves a full review of his own.

Robot Mode: In singular robot mode Galaxy Convoy is somewhere between Voyager and Ultra class in size, being a big, powerful looking guy. He’s got the classic Convoy/Optimus look down pat, with a bit of Anime-style influence visible here and there. His articulation is quite good, though a tiny bit hampered by his beefiness. Detailing is good, no complaints here.

Now for the gimmicks and extras. As was already quickly becoming the norm ten years ago, Galaxy Convoy’s chest compartment opens up to show a chamber containing the Matrix of Leadership. It is removable, too, and he can take it in his hand. You can also display Convoy either with or without mouthplate, as a tiny lever on the back of his head slides it up or down (it’s really meant to be ‘no-plate’ for this mode and ‘with-plate’ for the supermode, but do as you wish here).

In terms of armaments Convoy has a gray gun that fires a blue projectile, which he can take in either hand. It’s a far cry from the black rifle of yore, but still looking good. Additionally he can convert his trailer into a kind of artillery module, giving him stationary firepower if he needs it. So bottom line for the robot mode: very nice, but only the beginning of the fun to be had with this figure.

Alternate Mode: For only the second time (the first being RID Optimus Prime) a Convoy/Optimus does not simply become a red truck, but a red fire truck. Optimus folds himself together into a tractor with a very long bed, while the trailer itself does his merry best to look like a fire truck trailer while still having two giant cannons up on top. Okay, the cannons are supposed to be a ladder and a water gun here. Just go with it, still more believable than a Lamborghini fire car, right? Anyway, the truck mode as a whole looks pretty good and while the fire truck aspect might be a bit thin, there are not traces of a robot to be found here, either, so a good job overall.

The fire truck can also assume a flying mode by flipping out the wings that form the sides. Galaxy Convoy actually used this mode numerous times in the TV series, so it’s not a fan made idea. Just don’t spend too many thoughts on the aerodynamics of this and just enjoy the fact that you have a flying truck here.

SUUUUUPAAAMOOODE: Almost every single Optimus Prime / Convoy in the Unicron trilogy series was built to combine with his trailer into a larger super robot, loudly shouting “Super Mode!” in the process. Galaxy Convoy is no different. The trailer section of his vehicle mode becomes a big winged rucksack for him, while his lower legs extend to make him taller, a mouth plate covers his lower face and little wings flip out from the sides of his head to complete the ensemble, which in my not as humble as it should be opinion is the best Trailer-based Supermode ever.

Galaxy Convoy retains his full articulation here, naturally, so no complaints here, and the big wings he now sports can be folded backward if he needs freedom of arm movement. The big cannons can either be positioned pointing up behind his wings, so they’re out of the way, or point forward under his arms for firepower. Each of the two big cannons contains a slot where Convoy can enter his force chip (or Cyberkey for the Hasbro variant). The left cannon opens up, while the right one unfolds two missile launchers from the sides. For additional firepower Convoy can also bring the two big cannons on his legs to bear, just swivel from forward from where they rest against his lower legs.

Again, the bottom line here is quite simple: best Optimus/Convoy Trailer-Supermode ever. Not sure it can ever be topped.

Combiner Modes: In the age-old tradition of Japanese robots Galaxy Convoy is, of course, capable of combining with other robots into bigger robots. There are two robots in the Galaxy Force / Cybertron line that can combine with him, Ligerjack/Leobreaker and Sonic Bomber/Wing Sabre. Starting with Ligerjack, Galaxy Convoy simply folds back one of his arms (left or right, both sides work) and replaces it with Ligerjack. The result is a Convoy with a truly monstrous arm, no hand to speak of (in the series a hand was formed from light), but two giant three-pronged claws. Convoy keeps his Supermode rucksack on, so it’s theoretically possible for him to bring his cannons to bear in this mode as well (though the big arm kind of gets in the way). Bottom line for this combination mode: pretty far out there, but looking good.

My favorite combination mode is with Sonic Bomber, though. SB replaces the Supermode rucksack here, his own chest plate becoming Convoy’s while the rest of him hangs off Convoy’s back. This gives Convoy wings, two Gatling cannons peeking over his shoulders, and he can use Sonic Bomber’s swords, of course. Oh, and lest I forget, the two missile launchers from SB’s wings go onto Convoy’s feet. Not sure that was necessary, but it doesn’t hurt, either. The result looks fabulous in my opinion, possibly the best winged Optimus/Convoy ever. The only slight downside here is that Sonic Convoy is a bit back-heavy here, but he has big enough feet that he can compensate. Oh, and if you want you can leave Sonic Bomber’s head folded up, so he’s looking out from behind Convoy’s own noggin’. So bottom line here: probably my favorite mode of this great toy.

Remarks: Galaxy Force marked a singular occasion for me, as it was the first and only time I ever watched a Transformers TV series in the Japanese version before seeing it again in the English language. Not that there really were that many differences between the two (what’s a sex change here or there, after all?), but it does mean that, to me, Galaxy Convoy is his own character instead of being the latest upgraded version of the same Optimus Prime we’ve seen in Armada and Energon. And yes, I know that Galaxy Force was later retroactively inserted into the Japanese version of the Unicron Trilogy, but when it came out it was meant to be a stand-alone series and to me it still is.

As far as the toy goes, Galaxy Convoy is, to me, one of the most fun and playable toys of all time. There are better Optimus Prime robots, there are better combining robots, there are better truck robots, but there is not a single toy that so nicely combines a great robot mode with great combination fun, cool supermode, and overall great playability. So unless you’re absolutely not a fan of Optimus Prime figures or have no soul or sense of fun in general, this toy is fully recommended to you.

Rating: A

Tags: - Cybertron - Galaxy Force - Optimus Prime (UT) - Takara - Truck

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Handgun    Missiles    Gun Pods   
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Cybertron Optimus Prime (2005)
Galaxy Force Galaxy Convoy Clear (2005)
Cybertron Optimus Prime GF (2006) 
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Published 16.02.2015
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