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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Maximal
Categories: Basic
Year: 1996

An infrantry soldier with the power of a Predacon twice his size! Stubborn, aggressive and always eager to fight, Razorbeast battles with the ferocity of a starving pit bull! Even fellow Maximals try to stay on his good side, although he would never dare to disobey a direct order from Optimus Primal, who he respects as both a leader and a comrade.

Robot Mode: Razorbeast is the typical Beast Wars basic robot. An animal shell on his back, the animal head on his chest, a very posable robot with ball-joints. His weapon emerges from the mane of his beast mode. His detailing is average and he's an all-around average figure. Not bad, not terribly good, just average.

Alternate Mode: Razorbeast becomes a Razorback (big surprise), which kind of reminds me of the Lion King's Pumba. The animal as such is decent and has posable legs, so few complaints here. A fun feature is that you need only lift his tail in order to trigger his transformation into a robot.

Remarks: Razorbeast just got a little more interesting to me today because I've read the preview for IDW's upcoming Beast Wars comic series, where he will feature prominently as a Maximal undercover agent infiltrating a group of Predacons. As a toy, though, Razorbeast is no more than average for the Beast Wars line. Fun, but nothing special.

Rating: C

Tags: - Animal: Mammal - Beast Wars - Hasbro - Maximal

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Published 21.12.2005
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