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Review: Transformers Age of Extinction Titan Magazine, Issue 1

Background: Titan Publishing has been holding the license for Transformers publications in Great Britain since 2005 (picking it up after Panini allowed it to lapse) and have brought out tie-in magazines for all the previous live action films, the Animated series and Transformers: Prime. The new AoE magazine is set to run for five issues, the first being on sale June 27, 2014, scheduled to cost GBP 3.99.

Contents: The main feature of the AoE magazine is an 8-page comic story that ties into the Movie continuity (though not necessarily into the IDW movie tie-in comic continuity, as Titan and IDW have sharply diverged from each otherís stories for the past movies). Itís set shortly after the events of Dark of the Moon and features Optimus Prime, Drift, and (in a flashback) Lockdown. The latter two are, of course, new characters in the Movie continuity and we learn a bit about their past in preparation for their upcoming appearances in Age of Extinction. Not going to spoil anything here, though, sorry.

Apart from the comic the magazine contains:
- A profile on new character Lockdown
- A profile on new character Grimlock
- A letterís page where fan letters will be answered by Lockdown and Crosshairs
- Several pages of puzzles and contests
- A detailed look at the various car models that will feature in the Age of Extinction movie.

The magazine also comes with free gifts, including Topps trading cards (along with a game mat for the card game) and two non-transforming figures from the Transformers: Prime series, namely Optimus Prime and Breakdown.

Review: Much of this magazine is, of course, geared towards a younger audience (the 6 to 12 age bracket, according to the publisher). The included gifts, the puzzles, and the contests are all set to appeal more to kids than adults. I do remember that I loved to fill out puzzles like that when I was a kid and that they feature my favorite toy franchise probably wouldnít have hurt. Kid or adult, though, the main attraction is, of course, the comic story that serves as a kind of appetizer for the upcoming live-action movie. Itís not a big revelation or full of spoilers for the movie, mind you, but itís interesting auxiliary material to provide a bit more context for the characters.

So the bottom line: not a must-have for an adult collector whoís looking for grim, gritty, and dark comic stories with hyper-realism and lots of carnage, but for any kid interested in Transformers itís a fun little supplement. And Bumblebee appears on just every sixth page, which is a definite plus for all those who, like me, are suffering from Bumblebee fatigue.

Published 20.06.2014
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