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Voter Comments:

Only THIS figure is THE Optimus.
- MK

A beautiful sculpt with great articulation. This figure really calls out to my inner eight-year-old in a way that no other Transformer has.
- Sciflyer

- Neil Toledo

Very good G1 adaption of Optimus Prime.
- Black Zarak

A fantastic update.
- Exatron
Masterpiece MP-10 Convoy / Optimus Prime (2012) Ė Number One Prime!
Voting Percentage: 30%
Average Ranking: 9.13

Well, look here! Itís Optimus Prime. Again. Another one. But you know what? Itís the last one. Yep, thatís right. Masterpiece MP-10 Convoy / Optimus Prime is the final Prime in these Top 30, meaning that he is the number one Optimus Prime toy from 30 years by popular vote. Heís the big cheese of Optimi, the numero uno Prime, the Primary Optimus, the optimal Prime toy. It also means heís managed to beat out that other Masterpiece Optimus Prime, MP-01, despite being shorter. Well, MP-01 Prime got a better average ranking, but MP-10 Prime handily beats him at number of votes.

Now I donít own MP-10 Prime (yet), so I canít personally say much about this toy, but from all Iíve heard, the comments here, and the fact that heís managed to score 4th place in the Top 30 toys from 30 years of Transformers, he seems to be quite alright. He also comes with trailer already included and a little Spike Witwicky figure as a driver for his truck mode or Roller. Big black rifle and Energon Axe included, naturally. So... yeah, what can I say? I figure this guy here was a strong candidate for the number one spot in this countdown, but he didnít quite make it. Still, heís the best Optimus Prime toy and thatís saying something, seeing as that guy fields a full third of this list.

Honorable Mention: There have been multiple releases of this figure already, but most people just wrote MP-10 Optimus Prime or something like that, so I guess that means no votes for the Platinum Year of the Horse Edition. The inevitable Black Convoy repaint MP-10B got a couple of votes, though, and came in at 143. Pooling all votes for the mold would have lifted it up to number 2.

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Published 15.05.2014
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