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Comments from our voters:

My first figure from the HA series – and it was perfect.
- Black Zarak
Hunt for the Decepticons Jazz (Human Alliance, 2010) – Dead, but still stylish!
Voting Percentage: 20%
Average Ranking: 13.9

I was a little bit surprised that only one figure from the Human Alliance class made it into this top 30 list. I was not surprised that the best-rated Human Alliance figure is Jazz. Yeah, he died at the end of the first movie. He still got a kick-ass figure in the Hunt for the Decepticons series that easily puts that poser Sideswipe to shame. He’s big, he’s cool, and he comes with Pretty Boy from the Las Vegas TV series. Anyone remember that series?

Human Alliance Jazz comes at Alternators scale and transforms into a very realistic looking car with an interior fit for a little human driver figure. In robot mode he has quite the number of weapons to choose from - one of them even becomes a friggin’ bike for Pretty Boy - and can even flip up his customary visor. Okay, like far, far too many Movie-style figures he comes in grey. But really, that is pretty much the only bad thing one can say about him. Bumblebee might have been the first Human Alliance figure, but Jazz here is the best.


Comments from our voters:

Scamper is just an incredibly nifty little carformer. I guess his big base accessory is okay too.
- Andrusi

This figure has much to offer. Its alternate mode is basically the equivalent of other playsets like Castle Grayskull.
- Tim Werner

Biggest Transformer ever! And play value beyond other toys of his scale from other franchises.
- Daith

Because he’s the tallest… and you can tell he was made for us fans. And without costing a fortune, too.
- Erstchef
Generations Metroplex (2013) – Size does matter!
Voting Percentage: 24%
Average Ranking: 16.42

For 26 years the biggest Transformer of them all was Fortress Maximus and it looked like he would hold that record for all eternity. Then, though, Hasbro gave us an update of G1 Metroplex and he is... well, taller. Not bigger, mass-wise, but taller. Far more articulated, though, and with lots of gimmicks and two alternate modes that might not be all that spectacular, but make for great playsets for Cyberverse or even Deluxe-class figures. And he comes with a little Scout-sized figure to man his many weapons and for some that seems to be the main attraction (eh, Andrusi?).

Metroplex made his way into the Top 30 mostly by number of votes. He’s actually got the worst average ranking of all 30 contenders here (to be honest he’s got the worst average ranking in the top 45), but nearly a quarter of you had him on your voting sheets, meaning if we were going by number of votes alone, he’d actually be at number 8 (sharing with three others). So Metroplex proves once and for all: size does matter!

Honorable Mention: G1 Metroplex, whom this figure is based on, came in at number 58.


Comments from our voters:

Big and combinable. I’m happy.
- MK

The best figure ever made to lack knees. The most playability in a compact package perhaps ever
- Master Fwiffo

Can we get an update at the scale from the PS2 game?
- Exatron
Armada Tidal Wave (2003) – Tidal Wave! TIDAL WAVE!
Voting Percentage: 18%
Average Rank: 11.22

This guy’s presence in the top 30 really took me by surprise, to be honest. The Armada toyline was the next big thing after Beast Wars and most of its figures were geared toward a younger audience, more with gimmicks and electronics than articulation and complexity. It was a very, very big hit in 2002, but from today’s point of view most of the figures are quite limited. Still, one of them made it into our top 30 and it’s also its biggest figure apart from Unicron himself (who only managed to sneak a repaint in). Tidal Wave, the big brute of the Decepticon army.

Why do people like Tidal Wave? Is it because he’s big? Can become a single big or three smaller ships? Can combine with Megatron / Galvatron? Can attach more Minicons than anyone this side of Unicron? Was the most impressive boss in the PS2 Armada game? Or maybe because his TV counterpart used to say his own name a lot? I don’t really know, but I, too, own an Armada Tidal Wave and I really like the big guy, too. And obviously enough people like him to vote him into the top 30. TIDAL WAVE!


Comments from our voters:

Because Dinobots, that’s why!
- Gaja
G1 Grimlock (1985) – Me Grimlock no Bozo!
Voting Percentage: 16%
Average Rank: 7.13

Do I really need to write all that much to justify this figure’s presence in the top 30? The Dinobots were probably the most popular subgroup in all of G1 and Grimlock is the leader of the pack. Originally hailing from Takara’s Diaclone Dinosaur Robo series before it was licensed for the Transformers toyline and the rest is history. Grimlock (and his Dinobots) are as popular today as they were back in the 80s, you need not look any further than the newest Transformers movie coming out this year, which will heavily feature the Dinobots and Grimlock.

As for this toy, it does have its weaknesses, but overall it’s still Grimlock. Biggest and baddest of the Dinobots. And if you watched Transformers back in the 80s, you either had this toy, or you wanted this toy. Making it no surprise that Grimlock is included in the Top 30.


Comments from our voters:

He was exactly what I wanted an updated G1 Prime to be! He remains a favorite of mine to this day, and one of the most Transformed toys in my collection.
- Sciflyer

One of my all-time favorite molds. I have this figure in numerous colors and variants.
- Tim Werner

Excellent new interpretation of an icon. Favorite mold for various upgrades (DIA Commander, Powermaster, etc.)
- HunterPS
Classics Optimus Prime (Voyager, 2006) – Truly a classic!
Voting Percentage: 16%
Average Rank: 6.75

When the Transformers live-action movie was delayed until 2007, Hasbro needed something to close the gap between the end of the Cybertron series and the beginning of the Movie line. The filler turned out to be the beginning of C.H.U.G. (Classics, Henkei!, Universe 2.0, Generations), reinterpretations of classic toys. And the initial Classics line-up is represented here by none other than Classics Optimus Prime, a Voyager-class figure that many consider to the best update of G1 Optimus Prime ever.

Not only does he have the classic Optimus Prime look, he’s also fully articulated, has two weapons, and you could probably fill a top 30 list just with repaints and third party add-ons and upgrades for this figure alone. Classics Optimus Prime is probably the single best G1-based figure Hasbro has ever produced in this size class and he’s the natural leader for all your C.H.U.G. Autobots.

Honorable Mention: Two other variants of this mold received votes. Classics Ultra Magnus (ranked 415) and Shattered Glass Optimus Prime (ranked 227).

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Published 05.05.2014
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