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Series: Power Core Combiners
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Ultra
Year: 2011

Over-Run is impulsive, violent, and dangerously unpredictable. He almost always operates alone, because most other Decepticons are afraid to be anywhere near him. He does anything he can to aggrevate dangerous situations into total catastrophes, causing chaos and confusion among ally and enemy alike.

Prelude: Many thanks to BlackZarak, who loaned me his Over-Run here for this review. Over-Run is a repaint of Leadfoot, so look there for the review of the figure itself. Here weíll be focusing on the new paintjob and the drones.

Over-Run: While Leadfoot was a multiple homage, Over-Run is clearly intended to pay homage to just one guy, the G1 Stunticon Dragstrip. Yellow paintjob with purple and black highlights? Transforms into a yellow F-1 racer? Yeah, thatís Dragstrip. Personally I like this new paintjob a bit better than the one Leadfoot sported, but thatís a matter of subjective taste, naturally. Paint aside this is the same figure, naturally, and still very good with giant hands. So big thumbs up!

Drones: Instead of a Minicon partner Over-Run comes with a set of four drones intended to be used as limbs for his Power Core Combiner mode. Now these drones are called Stuntitcons, but resemblance-wise they donít look like any of the other Stunticons, none of them. Here we have a white car, a purple car with tuned-up engine, a black car with some kind of cow catcher up front, and finally an orange SUV-type vehicle with rocket boosters on the back. All four look as good as you can reasonably expect for cars this size. So not a bad set of PCC drones, even though their resemblance to the original G1 Stunticons ends with the fact that theyíre all cars.

Combined Mode: Naturally Over-Run can become the torso of a combiner robot and his four Stunticon drones are meant to function as his limbs. The black and orange cars become the legs and do a pretty good job here, giving him a solid stance. The white and purple cars become... things that are supposed to be arms, I guess. Awkward strutty things with something that Ė with quite a bit of imagination Ė could be interpreted as hands. Okay, there arenít that many great arm-drones in the PCC line, but even given that, these two arenít that good. So, Over-Run makes a great torso, but he could use better arms than those his Stunticon drones provide.

Remarks: Not sure why they didnít call this toy Dragstrip, to be honest, but maybe the name wasnít available at the time or they didnít want to use the iconic names in what was basically a filler toyline. Whatever the case, Over-Run is an excellent recolor of an excellent mold and while I donít particularly care for his drones, they donít hurt the figure, either. So bottom line: you should own at least one of the two variants of this figure.

Rating: B+

Tags: - Car - Decepticon - Hasbro - Power Core Combiners

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Published 10.02.2014
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