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Series: Beast Machines
Allegiance: Vehicon
Categories: Ultra
Year: 2000

Robot Mode: Ultra Jetstorm has the same general shape as Deluxe Jetstorm, but with several differences and a lot more detailing. His head-and-shoulder area is a weapons plattform with two missile launchers. His lower body looks a bit more wholesome, as the cockpit from the jet mode folds away onto his back. This leaves his spark crystal near the crotch position, though, which is a bit strange. His arms are a bit short, but carry the same triclaws and thick gauntlets as his smaller namesake. His coloring is very different, consisting mostly of blue. His posability is excellent, no complaints here, and he also features a hover mode (as the character in the TV series held such loathing for all things groundbound that he never touched the ground himself). His legs fold together around the jet mode cockpit and his shins open up to show thrusters. All in all Jetstorm is an excellent toy in robot mode, though they could have made his arms a little longer.

Alternate Mode: Jetstorm transforms into a jet. This airplane looks quite similar to his deluxe counterpart, but again, more detailed. The cockpit can swivel from side to side like a snake's head and he can deploy his missile launcher platform from the back. If you turn it sideways, the cockpit and neck turn along with it. He features a landing gear as well, though I don't much like it for some reason. Not sure why. Anyway, Jetstorm makes a damn fine jet.

Remarks: Beast Machines was a toyline that, after the very show-accurate toys of Beast Wars, disappointed many fans. The first Jetstorm toy was a better likeness to his TV counterpart than many other figures, but still not that good. So Hasbro brough out a line of Ultra toys, Optimus Primal and Cheetor among others. Also included was a new version of Jetstorm. While he is still not a hundred percent likeness to his TV incarnation, he does hold a much better resemblance and is a better toy altogether. My Jetstorm is showing some wear, as the chrome layer on his torse is starting to peel, but I still find myself liking him a lot. Definitely one of the better Beast Machine toys.

Rating: B-

Tags: - Airplane/Spacecraft - Beast Machines - Hasbro - Silverbolt (BW) - Vehicon

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Botcon Exclusives Cyclonus (2002)
Beast Wars Returns Jetstorm (2005) 

Published 14.06.2005
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