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Series: Animated Japan
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2010

Remarks: Letís make this short and sweet. Iíve already written reviews for Rodimus Minor, Botcon Sideswipe, Botcon Breakdown, and my buddy Laserwave13 has reviewed Black Rodimus. So I can say with some confidence that this mold here is pretty well reviewed on and there is nothing new I can say about it, so letís just look at what makes this version here different from the others.

This Rodimus here comes as part of the ďSons of CybertronĒ set together with a version of Battle Begins Optimus Prime.. While there are no sculpting changes to the first Rodimus toy, this version here comes in translucent plastic. Pretty much all the parts that were red on Rodimus Minor are translucent red here and the hands, engine, and exhaust pipes are now clear plastic. And... yeah, thatís pretty much it.

So bottom line: yet another nice version of a very good mold. Do you really need it? Not really, no. But if youíre an Animated fanatic like me, then you wonít go wrong. And if you havenít got any version of Animated Rodimus yet, this two-pack here usually doesnít cost that much on eBay, either.

Rating: A-

Tags: - Animated Japan - Autobot - Car - Takara - Welcome to Transformers 2010

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Published 09.12.2013
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