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Series: Prime Robots in Disguise
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Voyager
Year: 2012

If there is any Autobot the Decepticons fear as much as Optimus Prime, it is Ultra Magnus. His battle hammer has crushed chassis from one side of the galaxy to the other. No battlefield on which his armored feet have stepped has ever been yielded to the Decepticons.

Robot Mode: Letís look at the positive sides first. Ultra Magnus is a gorgeously designed robot. Closely resembling his Animated predecessor, he easily adapts the look to the Prime aesthetic. The head looks very cool and the sculpting looks very nice overall. The paint job looks good overall, though itís very, very blue. Some more paint details would definitely have been nice, as the Cyberverse version of Magnus actually looks more detailed than the much bigger Voyager figure.

Ultra Magnus suffers from worse than a few missing paint apps, though. First off, there is the way the shoulders are designed. Magnusí massive arms hang off two comparatively tiny ball joints that, while giving him lots of shoulder articulation, are not strong enough to support the massive weapon he also comes with. Second, the shoulders are attached to a swivelling piece of the chest that is easily pushed out of place every time you touch Ultra Magnusí rather large backpack (basically the entire driverís cabin of the truck mode). So posing him without pushing parts of his chest out of place isnít easy.

Finally, there is the giant weapon Magnus comes with. As has come to be the norm for Ultra Magnus toys, itís a giant battle hammer. It also doubles as a rifle. But while itís not quite as clunky as most of the other Voyager figure light-up weapons in the Prime toyline, itís not exactly an elegant weapon, either. Iíd have much preferred an up-scaled version of the hammer Cyberverse Magnus came with. At least you can lock the weapon in hammer mode, something most of the other weapons are incapable of. Anyway, the weapon looks good as a hammer, but as a rifle you basically have the head of the hammer flopping around loosely on top of it. Magnus can hold the weapon in either hand, mount it on either forearm, or store it on his back. He also has a big missile he can attach to either forearm or his back.

Finally, the entire toy, while good-looking, feels... cheap. I canít exactly say what it is, but on the whole Magnus feels fragile. So bottom line: a nice robot for putting on your shelf, but I canít help but feel that actually playing with it will cause it to go to pieces sooner rather than later.

Alternate Mode: After a very simple transformation thatís almost identical to the one of the Cyberverse figure, Ultra Magnus becomes a semi-truck with a flatbed on which you can mount his big weapon as a kind of rig / crane thing. There are at least three different ways you can configure the weapon on the back of the truck, either pointing backwards as a crane or forward as a weapon (plugged into the roof of the driverís cabin).

There is little else to write here. Sadly the attachment points for the weapon on the back of the truck are set up so that you can only use one of them to plug in the weapon, never both. Not sure if that is intentional or a design error, but it causes the weapon on the back to be rather unstable. Anyway, Ultra Magnusí vehicle mode is solid, but little more than that.

Remarks: Ultra Magnus has yet to appear in the Prime TV series, but he played a part in both the Exodus novel and the War for Cybertron video games. There is some speculation that he might yet appear in the series, given that his robot mode has several ďfakedĒ parts such as wheels in his feet and on his shoulders, which only make sense if there is an actual animation model with such parts. So far, though, no concrete information on any TV appearances by Prime Ultra Magnus.

As a toy Ultra Magnus is basically just an upscaled version of the Cyberverse figure. But while rather weak ball-jointed shoulders donít matter that much in a smaller figure, this and other design details drag this figure down quite a bit. Ultra Magnus look gorgeous and really cool, but he needs better shoulders, a better chest design, and a better weapon. Also, a few more paint apps wouldnít have hurt, either. So bottom line: not a bad figure, but not a particularly good one, either.

Rating: C+


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Published 28.12.2012
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