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Series: Prime Cyberverse
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Commander
Year: 2012

As the commander of the most elite Autobot special forces unit ever assembled, you'd expect Ultra Magnus to be just about one of the most unstoppable warriors this side of the galactic core. You'd be right.

Robot Mode: Ultra Magnus appears as a nice mixture between the original G1 Ultra Magnus (mostly the head) and his more recent Animated incarnation. Heís mostly blue with some red and silver/grey highlights and looks pretty good overall. Very nicely detailed for a figure of this size class.

In terms of articulation Magnus also does a pretty good job. The joints are a bit loose on mine, but I donít know whether thatís a general problem. The big shoulder pieces need to be adjusted now and then, but otherwise there is nothing to complain about. Okay, Magnus canít turn his head, but I can live with that.

Like his Animated predecessor Magnus carries a big hammer as his main weapon. He can wield the weapon two-handed, but that requires quite a bit of rather unnatural-looking arm positioning, so I advise against it. The hammer can convert into a big rifle, which he can either hold on hand or mount on his forearm. Either way, a weapon befitting Ultra Magnus. Overall, nothing to complain about here, a superb Commander-class figure in robot mode.

Alternate Mode: Have we seen any Ultra Magnus so far that didnít become a truck? I donít think so. Magnus again becomes a truck, again somewhat resembling the vehicle mode of his Animated predecessor with some shades of RID Ultra Magnus as well. Not too much I can write here, a rather basic-looking truck with good detailing for its size. The hammer/rifle can be put on the rear end, either pointing forward as a gun or backwards for a kind-of crane look. Either way, a fully sufficient vehicle mode. No complaints.

Remarks: At this point in time we havenít seen Ultra Magnus appear in the Prime TV series. He had a role in the Exodus novel (supposedly the prequel to both the Prime TV series and the War for Cybertron computer game) as the leader of the Wreckers, which this toyís profile mirrors (though the elite force isnít named). Seeing as a Voyager-class toy is also planned for Magnus, one can assume heíll appear in the TV series sooner or later.

Ever since the Scout class was repurposed as the ĎCyberverse Big Guysí class Iíve mostly steered clear of it, but Ultra Magnus here is well worth the exception. A superb robot mode, a good vehicle mode, a kind-of Animated homage, and an all-around very nice figure. Fully recommended and not just for Ultra Magnus fans.

Rating: A-


Tags: Autobot - Cyberverse - Hasbro - Prime - Truck - Ultra Magnus (Aligned)

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Published 17.09.2012
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