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Series: Toyworld
Allegiance: Decepticon
Year: 2012

Prelude: This figure is not an official Transformer from Hasbro or Takara-Tomy, but rather from 3rd party provider Toyworld. Heís obviously meant to be G1 Megatron, but for legal reasons he canít be called by that name.

Robot Mode: No doubt about it, this is Megatron as we saw him in the G1 Cartoon series. So far no other toy figure Iíve seen has captured the image of the Decepticon leader from the original series better than this one here, not even the Masterpiece version. Okay, heís missing the Decepticon logo on his chest due to legal reasons, but thatís easily remedied with a sticker and Iím sure Reprolabels will bring out a set for this guy sooner or later. So bottom line: this here is Megatron.

Scale-wise heís fully compatible with the Classics figures, standing a tad taller than Classics Optimus Prime. So now Optimus can finally re-enact many of the classic cartoon battles with Megatron. Hegemon is very nicely articulated, leaving little room to complaint. He also carries Megatronís classic Morning Star weapon, which he can attach to either fist. He also has a huge sword with him, which I personally wouldnít have needed, but itís a nice extra. The big fusion cannon / scope on his right arm can detach if you want it. Both extra weapons can be stored onto a small platform that transforms into the shoulder stock for the gun mode.

There really is nothing bad I can say about this figure. If you want to nitpick, well, the head isnít on a ball joint and the thighs donít solidly lock into place when you extend them out from the lower legs / pistol grip, but thatís pretty much all I can think of. In all other matters: a superb G1 Megatron robot.

Alternate Mode: Hegemon transforms into a Walther P-38 complete with silencer, scope, and shoulder stock. And just in case you wondered: the transformation is far, far, far, faaaar easier than that of Masterpiece Megatron. Itís a tad more complex than that of the original toy, but not by much. So transforming him back and forth isnít a big thing and the gun is actual size, meaning it fits well into an adultís hand. Just donít take it to any airports or... you know... America, and youíll be fine. Just in case you canít avoid that, there is an orange safety cap included, so thereís a fifty-fifty chance you wonít be shot on sight.

Both G1 Megatron and MP Megatron had pretty narrow robot mode legs because the legs had to combine into the gunís grip; Hemegon avoids that by connecting the legs by their backs, not their sides. The grip is still a bit thicker than youíd expect of a normal gun, but itís a trade-off Iím more than willing to make in order to enjoy Hegemonís properly-sized robot legs. The gunís trigger can be pulled, you can look through the scope, and you can run around the house making ďBANG! BANG!Ē noises, too. Rather quiet ďBANG! BANGĒ noises, of course, seeing as itís a silenced pistol. Just donít take it... you know. Donít want you to get shot, after all.

Bottom line: While G1 Megatronís gun mode looks a tad more realistic than this one, itís still pretty great. And donít ask me for comparison pics with Masterpiece Megatronís gun mode, you wonít get any. Iíll never transform that MP figure again in this life.

Remarks: Boy has Megatron gotten complaints about his alternate mode. Size shifting is nonsense they said. Kids shouldnít play with realistic-looking guns, they said. What good is an alternate mode that is useless without another Decepticon present to pull the trigger? All valid points, but still: G1 Megatron is a gun, period! While there have been great Megatrons with different alternate modes, the original, classic Megatron is a gun. And Hegemon here is easily the best gun-Megatron Iíve seen yet. Heís not as oversized and complicated as Masterpiece Megatron, he doesnít have the huge wings of Classics Megatron, and he actually looks like the cartoon character (unlike G1 Megatron).

So bottom line: if youíre a fan of the original G1 Decepticon leader and have been looking for the perfect version of him, look no further. Just go and buy this toy here. Megatron demands it!

Rating: A

UPDATE 2012-09-14: Fellow TF fan VectorSigma was kind enough to provide comparison pictures of Hegemon's gun mode with MP Megatron, plus some other comparison shots. Many thanks to Vector Sigma:

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Published 06.07.2012
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