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Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Turbomaster
Year: 1992

Robot Mode: A good-looking Auto-style robot, Boss is mainly dark and light blue with some highlights. His posability is actually pretty good for a figure from that time, he has eight points of articulation. His head is almost Optimus-Prime-like and his general look appeals to me. His gun is quite huge and seems a bit out-of-proportion for him, but I don't consider this a flaw. Boss looks like a take-charge Autobot warrior, a good robot mode.

Vehicle Mode: Boss has a car mode that reminds me a bit of Armada Blurr. He's a sleek racing car. The missiles on his spoiler give make him look even faster and sleeker. His big gun becomes part of his hood, resulting in a slightly phallic-looking turbine, especially if you leave the missiles in. The turbine can also swivel upwards to shoot at flying opponents. Boss' car mode is looking quite good and justifies the handle "Turbomaster".

Remarks: An altogether solid and good-looking robot. Boss was part of the European-exclusive Turbomaster line and was never reissued to my knowledge. There is that resemblance to Armada Blurr, so maybe he did inspire that later Transformer figure. My version of Boss has been through the wars for some time, carrying some scars and showing sticker-wear, but still looks quite solid. His transformation is also more complex than you'd expect, but not so much as to become difficult. An altogether good figure form the twilight days of G1, recommended for all Car-Transformer fans.

Rating: B

Tags: - Autobot - Car - Generation 1 - Hasbro - Turbomaster

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Missile Launcher    Missiles   
G1 Japan Operation: Combination Mach Road (1992) 

Published 11.04.2005
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