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Series: Universe 2.0
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Voyager
Year: 2008

Decepticon Dropshot is always fighting, even when no one else is. He takes every opportunity to pick a fight, and is always the first guy to throw a punch (or fire a missile). If the robot he's fighting with doesn't fight back, well, that's fine with Decepticon Dropshot. The way he looks at it, anyone who doesn't fight is a coward and deserves a beating. He's not really interested in having a reason to fight, and he doesn't care whether his side wins or loses, as long as he gets to pound on someone. Other Decepticons avoid him, unless there are Autobots around for him to pick on.

Remarks: Dropshot is yet another repaint of Cybertron Defense Scattorshot, just like Universe Overload and Botcon Flak. Unlike some of the other versions of this mold he didnít get a new head mold, either, so heís a straight-up repaint in yellow, green, and brown. And... yeah, thatís pretty much it. Bought him because he was on sale at my favorite childhood toy store. I always buy something there to help keep them in business. So... thatís it. Enjoy!

Rating: B

Tags: - Decepticon - Hasbro - Military Vehicle - Universe 2.0

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 Coming soon 
Cybertron Scattorshot (2006)
Galaxy Force Backgild (2006)
Universe 2.0 Overload (2008)
Botcon Exclusives Flak (2009) 

Published 25.11.2011
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