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Series: Device Label
Allegiance: Cybertron
Year: 2009

Dinosaur Mode: Device Label Grimlock doesnít have a robot mode, so weíll look at his dinosaur mode first. Naturally itís still a Tyrannosaurus Rex (or an approximation of that, at least), what else could a Grimlock figure be? The proportions are a bit off, of course, seeing as the electronics are all in the belly of the dinosaur, leaving relatively little mass for the head and arms. He has huge thighs, though, which form the sides of the mouse.

Posability of the dinosaur is pretty good. There is, of course, the mouse cable permanently connected to his tail. Would have been nice if thereíd been a way to unplug it from the figure, but thatís not a big thing. He has individual finger claws (not sharp, though), the neck is jointed and the mouth can open, too. His legs and feet are very nimble, too, so putting him in poses isnít a problem.

Not much more you can do here, as the dinosaur mode is clearly secondary to a functional alternate mode, but I think this is probably the best-possible dinosaur you could make out of a computer mouse. Thumbs up.

Alternate Mode: Grimlock transforms into a fully functional optical mouse. In fact Iíve been using that very same mouse on my PC to work on his pics, imagemap and review. The mouse is a bit on the small side and somewhat more sensitive than the standard one I use on my home computer, but apart from that there is nothing wrong with it and unless you know that youíre holding a transforming robot in your hand, you probably wouldnít know the difference, either.

Well, I guess since you are reading this on your computer, most of you will have experience with a mouse (except for those raised on touch pads), so thereís not much else I can write here. It looks like it should, it works, and the Autobot symbol on it lights up. What else do you want? Maybe in the future weíll see a working touchpad Transformer, too?

Remarks: After the Music Label series brought out working music devices that could transform into robots, Takara-Tomy followed up with the Device Label series, Transformers that could transform into computer add-on stuff. Case in point, Grimlock, a computer mouse. There is a repaint of this figure/device out there in the colors of Trypticon / Dinosaurer, too, for those that are more Decepticon-y inclined.

Now whether or not you want to get this figure depends on what you want to do with it. As a dinosaur figure itís limited, of course, and the play value of having a dinosaur that transforms into a computer mouse is questionable. If youíre like me, though, and just love the idea of having a transforming computer mouse, especially when youíre sitting in a room full of way-too-serious business consultants whose idea of fun is wearing a non-white shirt with their black suit, then this one is a must. Me, Grimlock, laugh at standard computer mouses! Me, Grimlock, laugh at business consultants, too! Me, Grimlock, say you buy me now!

Rating: A-

Tags: - Cybertron - Device Label - Everyday Object/Tool - Grimlock (G1) - Takara

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Device Label Dinosaurer (2009) 

Published 07.06.2011
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