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Series: CrazyDevy
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Upgrade Set
Year: 2010

Review by Caked-Up:

Overview: To get the legal stuff out of the way, this is the Power Parts for the Mean Robots aka ROTF Legends Devastator. These are third party items. Do these sets aspire to be the next Fansproject upgrade kit or does it fall flat? For the purpose of this review we are using the Takara-Tomy EZ Collection ROTF Devastator (for a review of this figure, see TFU’s review of the non-G1 colored Legends Devastator).

Part One: The first package, labeled CDMW-03, consists of a purple hand for the left arm and a new three finger assembly for the right. While not labeled, there is also a new face “blind-packed” in the package.

Devastator’s right hand (Scrapper the front loader) is supposed to have three fingers. In order for this to work, Crazydevy shortened the original length of the loader bucket halves and inserted two smaller pieces (totaling four now) in-between. For robot and vehicle mode this doesn’t change anything much, but the combined mode it does. The ball jointed pieces fold out with the arms and all is well. The two inner pieces however are part-formed and then forcefully jammed into pincer shaped object in the front and are held only by tension. Scratch that were held by tension, but have now launched down the hall. In short, they are utter junk.

The next piece is an “articulated” left hand. Articulated means rigid hand on a ball joint. Somehow I managed to sheer a finger off of the hand while I was pulling it from the package. Even if hadn’t broken, the assembly is still pretty bad. To attach it, flip Hook around and plug the connector into the mask of the robot mode/claw mode for combined mode and then plug in the new hand into the actual combiner port. Now the arm loses the little posability it had while having a bad “upgrade” loosely hanging off of the other end. They actually managed to top the first piece.

The final part to this series of parts is a new face. For a legends class face plate, it is really nice looking. According to the directions though, I should have to glue some jewels onto it for eyes, but they weren’t included. Continuing the poor Q/A, the face doesn’t fit. This one had promise, but failed.

Part 2: The second package, labeled CDMW-04, consists of two wrecking balls and large shovel claw. There is one and only one reason I bought this set. If you have had and survived testicular cancer like I did you will understand the humor in this set and why I chose it. I will leave it at that.

Many viewers of the Revenge of the Fallen movie were horrified, sickened, insulted, etc. about the inclusion of these wrecking balls and their location. I actually found it to be funny myself, but that is an argument for another day. In vehicle mode, one of the two attaches directly on the hook (the other doesn’t have anywhere to go). Nothing special, but it wasn’t made for that. In combined mode, they simulate a pair of testes hanging from the back. This is where they succeed and actually are the only pieces in this review that do succeed. They look like testicles and hang on securely. I wouldn’t touch them because they are just as fragile as everything else.

The second part to this set is a more elaborate, yellow claw. It is larger and more screen accurate, but fails just like the purple one. I had to use the flash because the sculpted detail is lost in the yellow. I am sorry for the bad picture.

Conclusion: I was really excited to get this guy only because I thought these pieces would have made him actually worth my time. I should have realized they were a bad choice when I noticed no one had any real information or photos. No one wanted to risk wasting their money or admit they made this mistake. I can say with confidence that I might be one of the first people on the planet to actually buy this junk and post its failures on the internet. Don’t buy these products at all.

Design Grade: D
Quality Grade: F
Overall Grade: Legendary Fail

PS: While extremely gently removing the Hook figure I stressed plastic on his mask out really bad. Additionally, one of the wrecking balls broke their connector. These are so going back to the store.

Tags: - CrazyDevy - Decepticon - Third Party

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Published 27.11.2010
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