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Series: Hunt for the Decepticons
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2010

Terradive loves to dive toward unsuspecting prey with the sun behind him. The light blinds his target, and the scream of his engines terrifies them, leaving them easy pickings for the blades of his trident. With Jetblade serving as a decoy, Tomahawk will never know what hit him.

Robot Mode: Most Transformer figures who transform into airplanes fall into two categories: Those where the cockpit becomes the chest and those where the cockpit flips onto the back. Now recently weíve seen some more interesting designs in terms of jetformers, such as Dirge where the cockpit becomes the arm or Breakaway where the head emerges from the cockpit. Now Terradive is another interesting variation. While he basically follows the standard cockpit-as-chest design, the nose of the jet reverses and angles upwards, ending right under (or rather in front of) his chin. Also, Terradive doesnít have the jet wings on his back, but rather on his legs. Whatís jutting out from behind his back are the rear fins. Finally his arms are formed from the jetís thrusters. The closest resemblance design-wise is probably G2 Smokescreen or Energon Starscream, though his paint job strongly reminds me of G2 Hooligan.

The bottom line is, Terradive is a very interesting design. Usually jetformers are not the slimmest figures in robot mode, but Terradive is an exception. From certain angles itíd actually be hard to figure out what he transforms into, heís very slim and lean. Posability is quite good, though my Terradive tends to lose his left leg at the hip (very loose ball joint) when I try to bend his (very tight) knee joint. Donít think thatís a general problem, though.

The standard weapon for a jetformer is usually an arm cannon of some sort. Terradive, though, deviates from the norm once again and carries a spear as a weapon. The spear can open up into a trident with the middle Ďspikeí being a barrel, probably meant to be an energy weapon of some sort. Very nicely done. Thanks to his posability and his open hands Terradive can hold his spear/trident in all sorts of poses, very pleasing to the eye. Iím actually considering buying a second Terradive, just so I can pose two of them on either side of a doorway and have them deny entrance by crossing their spears.

The only slight downside Terradive has is that he is put together a bit loosely. Pretty much everything does snap into place and fasten somewhere, but the big wings on the legs tend to come loose and the grey panel on his back doesnít fasten to anything. Itís not a big thing, but one does need to handle him with a bit of care. Apart from that, though: A very interesting, well-made and cool-looking robot mode.

Alternate Mode: I am a big fan of jetfighters with forward-swept wings, so Terradiveís jet design greatly appeals to me. I donít know how many orange and black jetfighters are out there, but the colors look good and the jet as a whole looks very well put together. It does have a bit of an undercarriage (but which jetformer doesnít?), especially when the spear is stored underneath, but itís a lot better than on many other jetformers and doesnít warrant any point deduction. A functioning landing gear is also present.

Not really that much more I can say here. A good, pretty much flawless jet mode. Realistic-looking, solid, and nifty. Getting there requires one of the more complicated transformation processes Iíve seen in Deluxe figures, though. Oh, but Terradive is capable of an intermediate Gerwalk configuration, once again giving the Robotech people reason to sue. Isnít it grand?

Remarks: The name Terradive has been around since the twilight days of G1, but it has never been used for anyone really important, usually just for toyline-only characters that never appeared in any accompanying medium. This newest Terradive is no exception. Nominally heís part of the Movie-continuity, but donít expect him to ever pop up on the screen. He might have a chance at a background spot in a comic, but I wouldnít hold my breath there, either.

Lack of in-media appearances aside, Terradive is a great figure. Weíve seen a lot of great Decepticon air warriors over the years and Terradive continues that tradition. He has a neat jet mode, a superb robot mode, a unique weapon, and a cool look overall. The design might be a bit wobbly in certain areas, but thatís hardly a show-stopper. So the bottom line is: Recommended to all fans of jetformers and good figures in general.

Rating: A-


Tags: - Airplane/Spacecraft - Decepticon - Hasbro - Hunt for the Decepticons

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Published 11.11.2010
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