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Series: Hunt for the Decepticons
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Scout
Year: 2010

Hubcap never liked the way Brimstone pushed other robots around, and he never made any effort to hide his disapproval. The two robots have clashed more times than either of them can count. Now their rivalry has moved to the urban drag strips of Earth. Brimstone may consider himself Kind of the Road, but Hubcap won't give up until this so-called king is just another wreck.

Robot Mode: What makes the perfect Scout-class figure? Well, I figure everyoneís got his own criteria for that one, but for the following must apply: A great look, superb posability, a certain amount of flair (meaning itís just another robot like weíve seen a dozen before) and no overbearing gimmick (if it has one at all). A Scout figure is, in my book, supposed to offer lots of play value for (comparatively) little money. And to make matters short: For me, Hubcap fulfills all of these criteria.

Hubcap is relatively tall and lean for a Scout-class figure. His large feet give him an almost anime-like flair, but not in a bad way. Having the radiator grill of his old-school vehicle mode as a chest looks great to me und his head is equally well-done, so no point deduction here, either. The figureís posability is pretty much flawless and leaves no room for complaints. He can pull off a Kung-Fu kick without any problems and his big feet give him a stable platform for all sorts of poses.

Well, I canít really write that much more here. Great look, superb posability, flair, no gimmick (and he doesnít need one), all of that fits together very well. So two thumbs up for the robot mode.

Alternate Mode: Personally Iím a fan of old-school cars (or cars made to look old-school), so of course Hubcap appeals to me. The look of the car is somewhat 1930ish, but I doubt heís molded after any single real-world model from that time. Of course the car got a major tune-up. There must be a giant engine beneath that hood, judging by the many ornate exhaust pipes running along the carís side, giving it a certain dramatic flair. The big radiator grill up front looks great as well. So all in all a solid, flawless vehicle mode for a Scout-class figure.

Remarks: Iím not usually a big fan of the Scout-class, seeing as my favorite figures usually hail from the Deluxe- or Voyager-class. But one has to admit that Revenge of the Fallen and its follow-up Hunt for the Decepticons (or Hunt for the Decepticons, if you prefer) have brought out quite the number of great Scout-class figures. And to me Hubcap is, for the moment at least (who knows whatís still to come) the crowning achievement of that trend.

Yes, he has no gimmick (how many Scouts have one?), didnít appear in the movies (which holds true for just about his entire line) and comes in that exact shade of red that doesnít photograph well at all. All of which doesnít matter in the slightest. Heís a great figure in terms of look, posability, transformation, alternate mode, and ties it all together into a very neat package. So a clear-cut matter for me and an equally clear-cut recommendation.

Rating: A

Transformation Video - made by LimeWire:

Update 2011-04-09: The Reprolabels sticker set for Hubcap has arrived, enabling him to become an updated version of Generation 2 Volt.


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Autobot Alliance Hubcap (2010) 

Published 05.08.2010
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