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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Predacon
Categories: Basic
Year: 1996

A terrorizing turtle with secret speed! Turbo-driven quad thrusters ignite from below his armor-plated shell to send him screaming through murky earth swamps like a heat-seeking missile! When hydraulically hinged jaws snap down on their victims, the terrifying sight reminds one of a trash compactor crushing a soda can - except soda cans don't scream for mercy!

Robot Mode: Snapper has the distinction of being one of the first Transformers figures I bought on my own. Back then one of the main criteria for me was the art work on the package and Snapper was fortunate in that the artist had a good day when he painted his. Something I only noticed recently: Snapper does somewhat resemble Movie Megatron (if you own the Beast Omnibus, you might want to take a look).

The robot mode is decent, though not very innovative. The red nicely complements the dark green of the figure. I like the two club-like hands and the fact that part of the shell transforms into a weapon. Only the head could have done with a bit more colors. Only his eyes are colored yellow, the rest is uniform green. His posability is excellent, as it is with most Beast Wars Basic figures. Funny side note: Snapperís turtle head becomes his ass in robot mode, not his chest like youíd expect.

Alternate Mode: Snapper transforms into a snapping turtle (yes, they do exist). He does a decent job here, but doesnít really stand out among the Beast Wars Basic figures, either. The dominant color here is green, which is very nicely accented with some yellow. The figureís posability in alternate mode is far from great, though. His arms and legs barely offer anything in the way of cool poses (as much as turtles can pose, that is). His only gimmick here is the snapping jaw of the turtle.

Conclusion: To me Snapper is one of the better Basic figures of the series, but I have a hard time saying why. Maybe itís his nice proportions or his big, threatening claws. Maybe his giant gun or maybe itís just the memories of the back yard battles I fought with him twelve or so years ago. Snapper is not a must-have for collectors, that would be a bit much, but if youíre looking for good Basic/Scout-class figures, then you canít do wrong here.

Rating: B-

Tags: - Animal: Aquatic - Beast Wars - Hasbro - Predacon

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Beast Wars Japan Snapper (1997) 

Published 22.05.2010
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