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Series: Revenge of the Fallen
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Voyager
Year: 2009

The moment his sensor net registered Megatron going offline, Starscream knew the battle was over, and the Allspark lost. He converted to vehicle mode and boosted for outer space, hoping to buy enough time to rally the Decepticon survivors. Returning from Cybertron bearing the marks won during his reign over the Decepticon army, he is focused on conquest. With a new army behind him, he has the strength to pursue his own goals, and perhaps, when the time is right, bring Megatron back.

Review by Sam:

Robot Mode: Revenge of the Fallen Starscream is a definite improvement when compared to the 2007 version: He has actual hands. That alone was a good reason for me to finally get a Movie Starscream, because even though the first one did strike an impressive figure, the missing hands were a pretty heavy downside for me, especially since they had that fat something in their place.

But enough of that, letís get to this figure here. At first I was a bit skeptical here as well. Especially the legs didnít look all that great in the various pictures and videos I saw. But now I find them to be quite cool. The new Starscream is broader in the hips than the old one, which takes some getting used to, but doesnít drag the figure down any.

Generally speaking this is a very good likeness to the character we saw in the movie. Starscream appears as an unstoppable, agile and very big war machine. I like the war paint very much, it gives the figure a little something extra and makes it look less sterile. The Mech-Alive feature doesnít do all that much for me, but itís a nice little effect and actually works. Starscreamís torso is extremely flat. If he didnít have some parts of the wings and underbelly on his back, heíd be the tissue paper man among the Decepticons. The designers just barely saved it here.

The detailing is, of course, much better than on a Deluxe class figure. The head is a very close likeness to the movie character and there are sculpted (but sadly not painted) details all over the body.

In terms of posability Starscream is somewhere in the middle. The legs are first-rate, of course. The double-jointed knees are very much to my liking and make him look very agile. The arms are put together a bit strangely, but after a few tries they offer little to complain about, either. The lower arms feature a launching mechanism for Starscreamís missiles. Without the missiles they look like the miniguns Starscream also used in the movies.

One little thing: The joints in the legs arenít all that tight, making some poses difficult and giving this rather top-heavy figure some balance issues. Might just be my version, though. I simply tightened the screws a bit here and there and everything was a-okay. The rather small feet nevertheless give the figure a solid stance. Despite some limitations regarding the arms the figure can pull off all sorts of dynamic poses without problems. As I said, the figure is rather top-heavy, so some poses need to be carefully sorted out, but you get used to it very quickly.

So all in all the robot mode is pretty decent. It looks good, has a very war-like air, seems dangerous and ready to blast Autobots into ash.

Alternate Mode: In this mode the warpaint looks even better. The right wing features the Decepticon logo, the left a Cybertronian hieroglyph. Some people think that the hieroglyph is the Cybertronian language version of the logo, but personally I think thatís nonsense. After all, the Decepticons used that logo long before they spread out to other worlds. Besides, how do you translate a logo?

What I really like is that the jet now actually looks wholesome. No robot parts stick out anywhere or hang underneath the jet, no over-sized missile launchers under the wings. Only the robot hands stick out a bit near the engines. One can imagine them as part of the engines, though. Not the best design ever, but it doesnít really ruin the look or anything. The entire jet looks pretty great and besides, I wouldnít know how it could have been done differently.

Also, there is an unfolding landing gear and a sculpted interior for the cockpit. Wasnít really necessary, but itís a very nice detail that was added here, which I always like.

Vehicle Rating: A-

Transformation: You wouldnít think so, but the transformation is pretty intuitive, not that hard, and does change the appearance in such a way that one would be hard-pressed to see the robot hidden inside. More than meets the eye indeed. No awkward or potentially damaging hook-ups, everything fits together well, nothing gets in the way. Absolutely no reason for complaints here.

Trans-Rating: A

Remarks: Like I said, I was rather skeptical about this figure at first. In the end I bought him because I figured that there wouldnít be a better Movie Starscream anytime soon. Time will tell whether Iím right about that or not.

In the end this figure surprised me quite a bit. The rather unconventional look of the robot mode is misleading and causes one to underestimate the potential of this figure. I had a lot of fun putting him into various poses and placing shattered Autobots under his feet.

The movie character was also done quite well. The conflict between his own lust for power and hatred on one side, and the fear of Megatron on the other was done very convincing and his smart-ass pieces of advice are still in my ear. His character was finally approaching that of classic Starscreams. The figure itself is, of course, in no way, shape, or form a homage to previous Transformer history. People who want a classic Starscream will be disappointed here. But people wanting a cool action figure and a faithful version of the new Starscream will get their moneyís worth.

Final Rating: A-

Tags: - Airplane/Spacecraft - Decepticon - Hasbro & Takara - Revenge of the Fallen

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Published 05.08.2009
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