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Series: Revenge of the Fallen
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Scout
Year: 2009

Prelude: And for the fourth time, many thanks to fellow TF-Fan LimeWire for loaning me this little guy here for this review.

Robot Mode: The first thing I thought upon seeing Rollbar's robot mode was: Cool, a Scout-class Optimus Prime. The head is pretty much a dead ringer for the Autobot leader, wouldn't you say? My second thought, though, was this: He's kinda boring, isn't he. Rollbar doesn't offer all that much in terms of colour variety. And though he is rather nicely detailed, most of the details are getting lost amidst the grey colours.

Rollbar is pretty posable, possibly the most posable of the first wave of ROTF Scouts. His arms are sligthly limited by his chest plate, but that's not a big thing. Rollbar is pretty much a shell-former. The largest part of the vehicle mode splits apart into the two big 'wings' on his back. The only actual car parts you see on the robot are the wheels in his stomach.

So all in all an average, slightly boring figure that would have greatly benefited from a more exciting and varied paint job.

Alternate Mode: Where the robot mode is just slightly boring, the vehicle mode is very, very boring. Rollbar transforms into a kind of delivery truck, which are by their very nature not the most exciting-looking vehicles. Pretty much a grey-and-blue box on wheels. The only piece of detailing worth mentioning is the front bumber, everything else is just painted on. Hmmm.... I really can't think of anything else to say about this vehicle mode. It's not bad, but incredibly boring.

Remarks: I kept Rollbar for last among the wave of the first four ROTF Scouts mostly because I had a hard time thinking of anything worth writing about him. It's not that he's a bad robot, far from it. But I don't think I've seen a robot that was so dragged down by a boring paint job as he is. He's nicely detailed in robot mode, but you really don't notice at first because of the colours. And the vehicle mode, really just the two wings of the robot mode, could have used both better paint and better detailing. So all in all Rollbar shows promise, but fails on the follow-through. It makes him a prime candidate for a nice custom repaint, though.

Rating: C+

Tags: - Autobot - Hasbro & Takara - Revenge of the Fallen - Truck

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Revenge of the Fallen Wideload (2010) 

Published 27.01.2009
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