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Combined form of the Protectobots
(Blades, First Aid, Groove, Hot Spot, Streetwise)

Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Combiner Protectobot
Year: 1986

Robot Modes: The Protectobots are built in the same style as the other combiner teams of that time (i.e. the Aerialbots) as they are comprised of one large leader and four smaller teammembers. Hotspot is the leader, a large blue robot, powerfully built. The other four - Groove, Streetwise, First Aid, and Blades - are rather unremarkable in robot mode and not very posable. The only one I like look-wise is Blades, who gets a kind-of dangerous air due to the rotor blades on his back, while Groove is clearly the worst of the lot, barely managing to look like a robot and more like a standing-up motorcycle.

Alternate Modes: The Protectobots transform into public service vehicles. Hot Spot is a fire truck, Groove a police bike, First Aid an ambulance, Streetwise a police car, and Blades a rescue helicopter. The vehicles look pretty good, the only drawback being the mismatched sizes (the bike being larger than the ambulance and such).

Combiner Mode: The combined form of the Protectobots is called Defensor. Hot Spot forms the center, the other robots can alternate as arms or legs. The whole robot looks pretty good, though its posability is restricted to the shoulders and (with some awkwardness) the knees. Unlike other combiners the head isn't a separate piece but comes out of Hot Spot. Apart from that he isn't that different from other G1 combiners. The combined color scheme is good, the detailing is nice, and he manages to look pretty wholesome. A good combiner.

Missing Parts: I'm missing some of the individual weapons of the smaller robots, as well as the repair arms used in Hot Spot's (unshown) repair station mode.

Remarks: Like many of the other combiner teams of that time the Protectobots don't offer a lot of play value individually (except maybe for Hotspot) but kick serious ass when combined into Defensor. Though smaller than Superion, Defensor is still a massive fighting machine and looks like what he's supposed to be: a valiant defender. Definelty one of the better combiner teams of G1.

Rating: B-


Tags: - Autobot - Generation 1 - Hasbro - Protectobot

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Published 02.03.2005
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