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with Flintlock, Silencer

Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Double Targetmaster
Year: 1988

Robot Mode: Landfill looks broad and impressive in robot mode, mainly because of his huge shoulders and upper body. The legs are almost a bit too short and small, making him look like a weightlifter. His two Nebulon partners become double-barelled guns in this mode. Landfill isn't very posable (his legs can't move independently and no knees or elbows) but his bad-ass look makes him a decent robot.

Alternate Mode: Landfill transforms into a pretty boring dump truck. Not much play value there, as you can't even put anything in the back.

Partners / Add-Ons: Landfill comes with two Nebulon Targetmaster figures, Flintlock and Silencer. Both transform from double-barreled guns into robots. The robots are complete statues, no movable parts at all, and the detailing is nothing too special, either. Leave them in gun mode.

Remarks: After the initial Targetmaster series Hasbro created a second run, the so-called 'small' Targetmasters. Small applying both to the larger and the Targetmaster robots. In my opinion Landfill would have been better off as a 'normal' robot with a little more effort put into his vehicle mode. Or they could have given the Nebulons movable arms, at least. I bought this one mostly because he looks bad-ass in robot mode (and because he was cheap).

Rating: C-

Tags: - Autobot - Construction Vehicle - Double Targetmaster - Generation 1 - Hasbro - Truck

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Published 02.03.2005
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