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Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Triggerbot/-con
Year: 1988

Let your actions do your talking and no one will misunderstand you.
A proud, loud, two-wheeled fighting machine. Enjoys tearing up roads and shooting up Decepticons. Doesn't know the meaning of the word "muffler". Roars into battle with his guns blazing. Equipped with armoured, reinforced windshield that's able to withstand direct enemy bombardment. Also armed with twin, side-mounted, armour-piercing particle beam cannons.

Robot Mode: Override is a nice little robot in primary colours and with good detailing. I like his head sculpt for some reason. My version of the figure is showing its age somewhat, but that's nothing you can't fix if you feel the need to. Posability is nothing to write home about, but actually on the good side of average for his time. He can move his arms at the shoulders, bend his knees, and his ability to flip out the weapons from his arms gives the illusion of elbows. His guns are pretty big for his size and he does seem eager to use them. As a Triggerbot the guns can be flipped out by pushing a small lever near his shoulders. So all in all a nice little guy with big, big guns.

Alternate Mode: I do have a certain thing for biker bots, I guess. Override adds one more of those to my collection. The motor bike looks a bit too futuristic to be at home on Earth highways, especially with its primary colours, but it is easily recognisable for what it is, so no complaints on that front. The trigger gimmick is fully functional in this mode as well, turning Override into a heavily armed racing machine. A good vehicle mode, no complaints.

Remarks: I don't think Override ever appeared anywhere except for a brief cameo in the Marvel Transformers comic book, but you sure see him a lot on ebay. This guy must have been mass produced with a vengeance. Anyway, I wouldn't have bothered with this guy normally, but he was part of a package and so I got him (two of him, to be precise). Having had him in hand, he certainly isn't a bad figure. The gimmick is okay without being overpowering and while there is nothing particularly special about Override, there is nothing wrong with him, either. So in the end I call him a good average for his time. If you are interested in biker bots and can get him cheap, do it.

Rating: C+


Tags: - Autobot - Generation 1 - Hasbro - Motorcycle - Triggerbot/-con

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Published 05.03.2008
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